Exotic Coffee Recipes You Can Make in Your Home

We all love coffee. However, what you love can often get stale, if you get it in the same way over and over again. Fortunately, we have come to the rescue. In this article, we’ll present you with 20 stunning, exotic coffee recipes from all over the globe. They’re delicious. They’re tasty and easy to make. And above all, they’ll give an exotic penchant you’ve been missing in your typical coffee.


Whether it's iced, hot, stirred, or shaken, all of these recipes contain ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. They won’t use up too much of your time as well. We promise. Check out the following exotic coffee recipes and discover how to make the most exotic coffee you and your friends will surely enjoy!

Hawaiian Coffee

You can prepare this Hawaiian coffee in less than ten minutes. The recipe here will yield two servings — one for you, and one for that special someone coming to coffee? When it comes to ingredients, you’ll need one-quarter of a cup of ground Hawaiian coffee (aka Kona), 2 1⁄4 cups water, one-half cup of coconut milk, and one tablespoon of grated coconut. Regarding the recipe, here are the steps you should follow:


  • Brew the water and coffee.
  • Slightly brown the grated coconut in a pan.
  • Spill the warm coffee and coconut milk into a cup.
  • Add sugar if you want to.
  • Mix everything.
  • Add the toasted grated coconut on top.
  • Serve.


Vietnamese Coffee With Eggs

Also known as Ca Phe Trung, this Vietnamese coffee is quite similar to dessert. People often drink it after lunch. For it, you’ll need one egg, three teaspoons of Vietnamese coffee powder, two teaspoons of sweet condensed milk, and some water.


You first whisk two tablespoons of sweet condensed milk into a bowl. Then you add a tablespoon of coffee and whisk it as well. Then, you pour the leftover brewed coffee into a cup and add the egg mixture on top. Remember to also brew the leftover coffee. 


Regarding the egg, you should separate its yolk and discard the whites. Next, you should whisk the milk and eggs’ yolk into a bowl until everything is fluffy. After that, add a tablespoon of brewed coffee and mix it together. Then just place the coffee into a cup and add the egg mix on top.

Almond-Coconut Frappe

Since it only has 35 calories, this delicious Frappe is a perfect enjoyment without feeling any guilt! The recipe here will produce two servings. Regarding ingredients, you’ll need:


  • One to one and a half cups of hot water.
  • Three tablespoons of instant espresso powder.
  • One half of a cup of Original Almond Coconut blend.
  • Some crushed ice. For thicker Frappe, add more of it.
  • Sugar. Even if you drink bitter coffee you should at least one tablespoon of it because this is a quite strong drink.


When it comes to instruction, first stir the espresso powder into hot water. Then let it completely cool. Next, combine cooled coffee, Almond Coconut Blend, sugar, and ice in a blender. Then puree until everything combines completely. In the end, place into cups and serve.

Hong Kong — Coffee/tea

Also known as Yuan Yang, this coffee is seven parts milk tea and three parts coffee. You can serve either cold or hot. This recipe is beyond popular in Hong Kong, but folks drink it in Africa as well. You’ll need three cups of water, one-quarter cup of black tea leaves, or 6 tea bags. Also, one can of evaporated milk or sweet condensed milk, sugar, and three cups of strong coffee.


As for instruction, start with boiling water and adding tea. Let all simmer for three minutes. After, stir with the milk and simmer for three minutes. Add coffee and sugar, then strain. You can serve it hot or chilled over ice.

Italian Cream Iced Coffee

This coffee also requires less than ten minutes to make and is a perfect addition to your breakfast. As for ingredients, you’ll need one big bowl with a lid (or plastic wrap), one big spoon, coffee filter, strainer, pitcher, two and a half cups of cold water, one half of a cup grounded coffee, an Italian sweet cream creamer, 1-2 teaspoons of Splenda, and cinnamon.


First, add one cup of cold water to your grounded coffee in a bowl and whisk gently with that big spoon we mentioned. Next, slowly add what remains of cold water. Avoid agitating the grounds as much as you can. Then, cover the bowl with a lid, and steep the grounds at room temp. for twelve hours. After this, strain the grounds via a filter and place your coffee concentrate into the pitcher.


When serving, combine one part of your concentrate with three parts of water over ice. Also, add one quarter of the Italian Sweet Cream creamer, cinnamon, and Splenda. Mix and enjoy!


If this is too hard for you, we got an alternative recipe you can use. To start, make a pot of coffee with your grounded beans. After that, place the coffee in the refrigerator until it's cold. When serving, fill your cup with ice and then place coffee three quarters the way up. Also place Italian sweet cream creamer, cinnamon, and Splenda. Mix. Enjoy!

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