Owning a vehicle, whether it is a Chrysler, Dodge or any other car, is a huge responsibility since you have invested hard-earned money into it. That is why it is all the more necessary to know more about the expenses of owning a car, so you can set aside some money well in advance.




For most of us, when our vehicle needs servicing, we simply take it into our regular shop, wait for the estimate, give an approval and pick it up at the end of the day – trusting our service providers got the job done right and we were charged a fair price. However, a little research wouldn’t hurt.


For a common service like as a basic engine oil and filter change, most shops tend to charge a similar rate. But if you come across a quote that seems out of line, ask for a more competitive price and a different part supplier if that is what causes the difference. You can also take advantage of the various online calculators that help to determine the average cost of servicing your car.


Wear and Tear


This is a trickier domain because shops charge for wear and tear in different ways. Some charge by the hour, while others base their rates on the type of repairs or replacements required. Other shops might charge a flat rate per job regardless of how long it takes, which could work out in the customer's favor.

Normally, dealerships follow their own guide, since they have specialized knowledge and right tools to get a specific repair job done in less time than it would take the mechanics at an independent garage. But it might cost you more; the price of a certain job varies greatly depending on whether you get it done at the garage or the dealership. Furthermore, certain repairs might still be under warranty depending on the age of your car.


It is advisable to shop around, compare prices for servicing and wear & tear, and then make up your mind. Don’t choose a place randomly, or you might end up paying an unnecessarily high price for a job if you leave the vehicle at the very first garage you find. An estimate using online calculators will come in handy during this time, as you will have a better idea of the cost. This will help you negotiate as well – no one can over-charge if you are armed with the information beforehand.


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