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The different changing weather in West Texas has my skin becoming dry and worn out. My hands especially are very chapped. Lotion helps, but only slightly. I needed something stronger, with better moisture retention for my cracked skin on my hands and feet. As well as for my elbows and knees. Going through the recommendations I seen online, Florida Salt Scrubs was recommended to me. They produce all natural salt scrubs. What they are is a combination scrub that contains pure Atlantic sea salt, aromatherapy, and coconut oil. You would then be able to use this salt scrub for your hands, feet, and elsewhere on the whole body. For me particularly its my driest areas, which again are my hands, soles of my feet, elbows and knees.

florida salt scrub

Many Ways to use Florida Salt Scrubs

The best way to use Florida Salt Scrubs are for showering, exfoliating, as a salt therapy method, and for scent removal. When I was in the shower I used just a pea sized amount to wash my arms, and they felt really silky after I dried them off. The scent stayed on my skin the whole day, and I really felt good about my hygiene. For exfoliating, I also use a pea sized amount on the cracked heels of my feet. My feet really need a lot of maintenance so I want to spend time using products that work well. After exfoliating with Florida Salt Scrubs, my feet were much more soft. The white dry skin was hardly noticeable. I also learned that because the scrubs are pure, they make an excellent choice in Salt Therapy. Florida Salts Scrubs have high standards when maintaining purity and quality. Sometimes when you are cooking, do the residue of onion, garlic, or meat stay on your hands? I hate when that happens. Even after using basic soap, the smell still lingers on my skin for a couple of days. It makes me want to puke. But when I washed my hands with just a small amount of Florida Salt Scrubs, the food smell was counteracted. I could not smell the food on my hands anymore, just the sweet smell of the salt scrub.


Nice Scents to Choose from

I think my new favorite scent is the grapefruit salt scrub! You really get that citrus scent shining through and I love eating and smelling grapefruit, because it is one of my favorite fruits and is absolutely delicious. The way its recommended to use is by applying a portion on your hands and massaging it through. Then you rinse off with warm water, then pat to dry. Very easy! I love how Florida Salt Scrubs do not stain clothes. They really aren't greasy at all. I believe its because the ingredients are one-hundred percent all natural. Because the ingredients are natural, for example, the coconut oil, somewhat act as a natural antiseptic and disinfectant. The cute wooden spoon attached with the jar is really helpful scooping the right amount out.

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