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Explore the Main Reasons Why You Should Opt for Cloud Computing


It has been more than two decades since cloud computing made its presence felt in the business world. Despite having cost advantages, business efficiencies, and competitive edge, cloud computing is not universally utilized and still a chunk of the business community across the globe continues to function the old way.  

However, as per the observation by Dell, all the organizations that are investing in big data, mobility, cloud, and security, are actually enjoying almost up to 53 percent quicker revenue growth as compared to their competitors who still follow the traditional path. This data clearly demonstrates that gradually more and more tech-savvy organizations and industry stalwarts are appreciating and acknowledging the advantages of the cloud computing trend.

Moreover, they are utilizing technology to their advantage and operating their business efficiently and successfully. They are certainly able to cater to their customers’ needs more efficiently and dramatically boost overall profit margins.

Access to Fresh Software

Thanks to SaaS, the customers now have easy access to the cutting-edge versions of the apps required for smooth functioning of the business, almost the moment they are released. Thanks to the instantaneous upgrades workers are able to take advantage of advanced functionality and novel features and are able to become much more productive. Moreover, software upgrades are generally, released quite often. This is as opposed to the purchased or home-grown software that would typically have one major new release just once every year and that too would be taking a substantial amount of time to be implemented.

Enjoy Enhanced Mobility

Applications and data are actually available to employees irrespective of where they are. Workers could be anywhere in the world and yet carry on with their work via tablets and smartphones. Now you could work from home, office, while at a plant or in the field etc. You could enjoy enhanced mobility and freedom to work from any part of the world and yet stay connected with the operations of the business. You may contact the top cloud services New York for perfect solutions.

Rest Assured of Improved Security

The full-time job of the cloud host is to constantly monitor security with tremendous care. Security is certainly remarkably more effective as compared to the traditional in-house system, where a company has to distribute its resources and efforts between a host of IT issues and security is one of the primary concerns. With cloud computing, you no longer need to be worried about any internal data thefts that are usually perpetuated by the staff. Considering the usual circumstances, it is really much safer to preserve sensitive information off-site.

Simply by utilizing encryption, today the hackers and all other irrelevant people are clearly not authorized to have access to your data. As an additional security move, with majority of the cloud-based companies, distinctive security settings could be set depending on the user.

Efficient Disaster Recovery: In the current market scenario, even a slight unproductive downtime could have negative repercussions. Downtime would culminate in loss of brand reputation, productivity, and revenue. Though there is no way you could prevent or anticipate a disaster, you could certainly speed up the recovery process. Rest assured cloud-based services would be providing speedy data recovery for all emergency situations right from power outages to natural disasters.


One great benefit of cloud computing is that it is really more eco-friendly and leads to definitely less carbon footprint. Cloud infrastructures are also in support of environmental proactivity because they rely on virtual services and replace physical hardware with efficient software, cutting down on paper and electronic waste and also promoting efficient energy usage.

Author Bio: Daniel Francis is a data scientist at a top R&D center in Silicon Valley. He has studied trends in data generation and analytics over the years and writes about them on his blog. He also shares excellent resources like

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