My family is a big fan of Japanese and Thai food. In fact, we tend to go to the same Asian restaurants to eat the same food over and over. However, I would like to venture out and try other types of ethnic food. Well, recently Eat2Explore provided me with that opportunity and I was able to experience it within the comfort of my own home. How? Through the use of the Eat2Explore subscription boxes!

What is Eat2Explore? It's a company that puts together subscription boxes that provide you with a fantastic, fun, and tasty opportunity to learn about and cook food from different parts of the world. How it works is you visit the Eat2Explore website and click “Get Started.” Then you can choose to explore a country, continent or world. Once you've signed up, they'll send you a box and you can then start exploring the world through the wonderful recipes and food our world has to offer.

What's In A Box?

Eat2Explore Subscription 4

According to the website, each box contains the following:

  • 3 recipe cards,
  • spices/sauces/grain mixes,
  • a shopping list,
  • country Explorer brochures,
  • educational activity sheets,
  • cooking tools, and
  • collectibles.

Once you've chosen the recipes you want to prepare, the shopping list specifies what food to purchase at the store and what food is included inside the kit. It even has vegetarian options for those who prefer that.

My Adventure With Eat2Explore

I chose Greece and India for my subscription boxes and I LOVE both! The boxes provide for a great opportunity to cook and spend time as a family. Plus, there are so many cool learning tools in the box. Mine even had educational activities for younger ones. And, because the Eat2Explore box is so interactive, I feel that it really fosters more effective learning. I'm truly impressed with the amount of research that went into creating each one of the Eat2Explore boxes I received. They really are well thought out and planned. Not only did we learn about a country's cuisine, we also learned about their cultures and history. So, it was all quite informative!

Eat2Explore Subscription 3

From the India box, I made Nilgiri Curry (featured in the photo below), which was my favorite of all the recipes we prepared. It was delicious and my whole family really enjoyed it. The spices provided by the Eat2Explore box were what made it amazing and so delicious! I felt like I was eating a gourmet meal! And, it really makes me want to try more dishes from India.

Eat2Explore Subscription 2

We also made Greek baked fish (featured in the photo below), which was also very tasty. Again, the spices in the box are what made this recipe extra special.

Eat2Explore Subscription

An Eat2Explore Subscription Makes A Great Gift Idea

Eat2Explore is one of my most favorite subscription boxes because it's fun (as I've already said many times), but also because it's very useful and, for me, nothing went to waste. This subscription box would make a wonderful and unique gift for Easter, someone's birthday, Mother's Day or just to give for a special treat! It would most certainly make a great accompaniment to a homeschooling curriculum, too! So, check out their website and start exploring the world!

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Eat2Explore subscription boxes bring the world's cuisine right to your door!

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