Exploring Key West with Charter Boat Experience

Key West is in the southernmost tip of the United States. It's home to the only coral reef in North America, and it's renowned for fun facts like being known as the Conch Republic and being famous for its roaming chickens. Key West features both colorful sunsets and cultural attractions.

Key West locals and visitors get to enjoy diving, boating, snorkelling, swimming, and other sports in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. To better explore the waters around Key West, you should consider a charter boat experience.


Charter boats have experienced captains who can take you to the best snorkelling, diving, and fishing sites. Below is everything to look out for when picking a charter boat.


Know the Best Destinations


Key West boat rentals know the best spots for boating and sailing. To make the most of your Key West boat rental, you must understand the different excursions available. Some of these excursions will entail:


  • Private sails
  • Sunset sails
  • Combination sails


Private Sails


A private charter is a great option for a small group. It is economical and provides an intimate and more personalized experience. With a private charter, you won’t have to deal with the crowds of Duval Street.


Private sails also offer some flexibility and customization when exploring the Key West. You can create a personal schedule that involves taking some time to discover the island at your own pace. If you opt for a private charter, you should assess all the available attractions and activities.


Sunset Sails


If you want to catch Key West’s famous sunset, sunset cruises are your best bet. Sailing across the water during sunset is an unforgettable experience. Most Key West boat rentals offer packages that will let you enjoy the perfect Key West sunset, and there are several tour packages to choose from. A Sunset Sails option will give you a magical sunset experience. 


Combination Sails


Combo sailing trips provide you with an array of activities to participate in. You get to understand everything that Key West has to offer since you can indulge in activities like:


  • Parasailing
  • Banana boat rides
  • Paddle boarding
  • Snorkelling
  • Dolphin tours
  • Jet skis
  • Kayaking


These trips ensure that you enjoy all the scenic views while getting the most bang for your buck. Some charters can even take you kayaking through the mangroves, while others can take you to the coral reef.


Sail in Style


After assessing all your sailing options, you should start planning for your tour. During this stage, you need to assess your budget, your selected activities, and your accommodations when you visit Key West. Make sure to bring a camera to capture the amazing views!


Decide if you want to rent a boat and tour the Key West on your own, or if you want to charter a boat with an experienced captain who can bring you to the best destinations. Choose the Key West boat rental or charter boat that best meets what you want to do. You should compare and assess the different packages, boat types, and experiences that they are offering. 


Take your time to ensure that you see everything that Key West has to offer. Make your visit to the Key West a memorable experience and enjoy the various attractions and activities that it has to offer. 

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