Extra Extra Socks

It’s so fun to think of something different that you could gift to the favorite men in your life. Especially when you want it to be more personal and to let them know you care about them. My friend is getting married and I wanted her to know about Extra Extra Socks. The collection included in this brand are really fun to look at and wear. Ideally these socks would be perfect gifts for groomsmen. The Extra Extra Socks would showcase the fun, stylish, nerdy, and cool side to your manly friends!

Circuit Socks

One of the favorite prints I love in the Extra Extra Socks collection is the Circuit Socks. It is black and bright blue. With the ends also bright blue. The whole body of the sock is an actual print of electronic circuits. My husband is such a tech savvy person and loves to fiddle with electronics, so I am giving these socks to him. He will think it is a clever idea! Father’s day is around the corner and it is a great way for me to show my love by giving him a pair of novelty Circuit Socks that relate to his personality. These work great in giving to teammates as well! Extra Extra Socks come in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. I am happy that the extra large sizes carry men’s feet thirteen to sixteen, because big feet run in our family, versus the small which is sizes four through six, and medium is sizes seven through twelve.

Candy Button Socks

I also love the Candy Button Blue Pink Novelty socks. These sicks are supposed to give you the nostalgia of those candy button candies from childhood. They were so pretty but tasted like chalk. Like those candies, these Candy Button socks, are also pretty. They are royal blue and sprinkled with multicolored neon polka dots of pink, yellow, and bright green. They are so fun to look at and I suggest wearing them on crazy socks day! These too are perfect gifts for your husband or groomsmen. These socks go all the way to size extra large. They are high quality socks. They are made of 85% cotton, 13% polyester, and 2% elastane. I love how soft and vibrant they are.

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