He asked. You said yes. You’re engaged, and most probably incredibly excited about it. If you have just agreed to marry the love of your life, congratulations are in order. Before you start planning your wedding, now is the time to think about celebrating your fantastic news with your friends and family.


He most probably spent weeks, if not months, looking at engagement rings, trying to choose the perfect one. That type of love and dedication deserves to be celebrated, which is why you must organize something.


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You might want to get going on your wedding plans, but before you do, get your engagement celebrations organized. To help you plan the perfect event, I have put together a guide for marking your engagement in style:


Go for drinks


If you want to celebrate, but want to keep things low-key, plan to go out for drinks. This doesn’t need to be anything big, just invite along your family and friends and have a simple celebration at a local wine bar.


Everyone knows that no engagement is complete without a bottle or two of bubbly. So celebrating your news with drinks is the ideal way to mark the occasion. If you aren’t a fan of champagne, grab a bottle of sparkling cider instead, and raise a toast to your lovely partner.


Have a party


If a few drinks isn’t enough of a celebration for you, why not organize a party? Engagement parties have become popular over the last few years and are a fantastic way to mark the occasion.


Hire out a hotel’s party room, get some food, lots of drinks, and of course, some entertainment, and have a party. This doesn’t have to be a large affair; it can be just a few close friends and relatives. It’s up to you and your partner who you invite; all that matters is that you have fun and celebrate in style.


Plan a trip


If parties aren't your thing, planning a trip with all your closest friends and relatives is a great way to celebrate. Book rooms in your favorite hotel or hire a house and spend a couple of nights relaxing and having fun.


Go for dinner, have a few drinks, play games, and have a laugh. If there is something that you enjoy doing, such as skiing, consider planning a skiing trip. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, just as long as you find a way to mark your news.


Organize afternoon tea for everyone


Want to celebrate your big news in style? Then why not organize a big afternoon tea for you and all of your closest friends and family? Book a table at a hotel that specializes in fancy afternoon teas, and celebrate with friends and family.


It might not be a party, but if you like to keep things low key, having afternoon tea is the perfect way to celebrate. It’s elegant, enjoyable, and most importantly, people of all ages will enjoy it. So everyone, from your little nieces and nephews to your 80-year-old gran, will enjoy it.


To celebrate your engagement in style, take note of the fabulous ideas above.


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