Living in a small room or apartment is a common predicament for people living in urban areas. With more and more space used for commercial purposes, the residential spaces become smaller. However, this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing whatever purpose you have in the big city. Whether you’re living in a small home, renting a small apartment, or staying in a small dorm room, maximizing the use of your limited space is essential for optimal living conditions. There are plenty of resources on the internet where you can find fabulous solutions for limited spaces. Read on as we share some of them with you.



Use Multi-purpose Furniture

The limitation of small spaces is the number of items that can comfortably fit in it. That would most certainly mean limiting the furniture you’ll have at home. If you are living with your family or other people in the same limited space, you will need to have drawers, shelves, and cabinets to organize the belongings of all occupants. One nifty solution provided by tiny space BIG LIFE is to use bunk beds fitted with drawers and shelves. This is a great idea for accommodating more than one person in a small room. Drawers can be neatly placed beneath the bunker bed steps, while the space beneath the stairs can be utilized as shelves.

Choose Your Furniture Shape Wisely

There is so much you can do about your limited living space if you are familiar with its shape and dimensions. For example, if your small apartment or micro home has a rectangularly shaped dining area, ditch the large rectangular table and go for a small, round dining table. You can gain much space from this table and you can have a great dining experience with up to 3 people you share your space with.

Place Your A/V System Closer to the Wall

Your audio-visual (A/V) system can occupy a large amount of space in your small living room. You can mount your TV on the wall and you can install in-wall speakers to have more comfortable floor space.

Utilize Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Using mirrors in your living spaces can make them look larger and airier. If you have a small kitchen, using a large mirror on your kitchen wall can give it a more spacious look and a more comfortable aura.

Use Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are ingenious home design ideas for small spaces. Not only do these doors provide privacy, but they also help with ambient light distribution and space conservation. You can use transparent, stained, or frosted glass panels for the upper half of the door depending on your lighting and privacy needs.

Utilize Corner Spaces

Utilizing every available space in your small home can save much valuable square footage. Corner spaces can make great storage spaces where you can place small items, frames, figurines, etc. Indoor ornamental plants can also make your interior look roomier. 

Make Use of your Overhead Space

You can get rid of your ground-level clutter and reduce the need for shelves by installing wall-mounted shelves instead. Placing them overhead and just a few feet or inches below the ceiling not only frees the floor space but also gives an illusion of having a higher vertical space and more breathing space.


Your small or limited living space can be a challenging place to live. However, it also pushes you to develop creative ideas on how to find great solutions in maximizing your home’s interior space. Be open to changes and ideas that can help you explore solutions that fit your actual living space situation. After all, comfort and freedom of movement are the essential things needed for a great home experience no matter how limited space is.

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