Face Masks Sized To Fit

These Face Masks Are Sized To Fit – Available In 3 Different Sizes And They're So Comfortable

Since this pandemic has started, we've all had to get used to wearing face masks.  Some people have to wear them all day long.  I'm so thankful that I'm not one of them.  We all look for the most comfortable ones and of course, most places have a “one-size fits all” attitude. However, Green Shield has reusable face masks made of bamboo (and other materials) sized to fit all and they're so darn soft!  Since they have various sizes, it's easy to get one that will actually fit your face.  Instead of bulking around the nose or cheeks, this will fit like a glove.  I would say that's the most important factor as far as masks are concerned – size and comfortability.  Of course, it has to work, but that's assumed in this instance.  The Green Shield masks I received are 3-ply, which means not much is getting through.

Face Masks Sized To Fit

Perfectly Sized Face Masks

These face masks are again, 3-ply cloth masks and obviously, reusable and washable.  . This certainly cuts down on the price since you don't have to throw it out and buy new ones every time they're used. You can order plenty of them from face mask international. The top layer is made of bamboo fabric, the second layer is a melt-blown fabric, and the bottom layer is a soft, comfortable fabric.  They have the ear loops and a nose bridge, which makes it fit nicer as far as I'm concerned.  As I said earlier, there are 3 sizes and 4 colors to choose from.  This company has thought of everything.  Oh, if you have a beard and are having problems, they've thought of that too!  Check out their website for the Face Masks For Beards (or click on this link).

Face Masks Sized To Fit

What A Thoughtful Gift

If you have a loved one that is hard to buy for, this would be a perfect gift!  What better way to say “I love you” than to purchase something that could save their lives.  Whether you want to buy for an adult or a child, Green Shield has what you need.  They would also make great stocking stuffers too.

Face Masks Sized To Fit

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