Check Out These Face Shields – They're Unlike Any Other That I've Seen

Well, we've been dealing with this pandemic for quite a while now.  So much that some of us are becoming experts on face masks.  The face shields I'm talking about in this post can be used like bandanas to protect yourselves (they're NOT considered personal protective equipment!), but they're really made to protect you from the outdoors.  I only use them as my mask when I'm not in close contact with people, as I would use a bandana.

However, if you're looking for something to protect you against the elements, that's where SA Co. comes in.  This company sent me a ton of different kinds of face shields that are so soft and comfortable.  That's exactly what you want in a face shield, am I right?  I've been using mine when I go out to get coffee in the cold mornings.  The winter ones are lined inside with fleece so they're very comfy.  In the summer, you need something that will keep you cool, especially if you work outside all day.  Those are made nice and thin along with moisture-wicking material.

The Winter Face Shields

Not only do the winter face shields have the warm, soft fleece lined inside, but they also have beautiful pictures and/or patterns to show off your individuality.  Of course, all of their shields offer this to the consumer.  My favorite one that I've been wearing is the Frost Tech – American Flag Fleece Lined Face Shield.  There are a ton of different patterns to choose from, so if you're not interested in the flag, don't worry!  I'm confident enough to say that they have something for everyone.  They even have child face shields for you to purchase.  These will definitely keep your little ones warm and cozy.

One of the nice things about these face shields is that if you don't like the way the regular masks feel on your face/ears, you don't have to deal with that.  These fit securely around your neck and face while keeping you warm.  Also, they don't fall down, which is what I was worried about at first.  I wore mine outside for quite a while and it stayed in place.  This type of face shield is what SA Co. calls a tubular bandana.  This describes it completely.

Summer Ones

The summer ones will keep you cool because you can soak them in cold water and wear them all day.  The thin material will be comfortable to wear while cooling your neck.  That's not all though, the thinner ones can also be used 10 different ways!  You can use it as a beanie, a headband, and so many other ways.  The material is moisture-wicking which means you'll stay cool and dry.

The holidays are just around the corner so let's order some of these for our loved ones!  It's a gift that they'll actually use.  Also, this company offers a lifetime warranty for all of their products, so you really can't go wrong.

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