Facing Deportation Proceedings? Here’s What You Should Know

Are you or a loved one currently facing deportation proceedings in the US? Deportation issues can be a huge cause of mental and emotional stress. For the last five years up until now, immigration laws and practices in the US keep experiencing fluctuations. Some immigrants who have faced deportation and removal proceedings in the US are people who have no criminal record whatsoever.

Although there are various reasons why the authorities deport migrants living in Atlanta and other parts of the country, the most common ones are when migrants:

  •         Are found guilty of committing or participating in a criminal act
  •         Facilitate criminal acts
  •         Pose as a threat to public safety.
  •         Violate their visa.
  •         Are denied their visa application.
  •         Are denied of green card application
  •         Are denied of their naturalization application

Because facing deportation proceedings is in equal parts frightening and stressful, you don't want to complicate the process by taking the wrong step. To help you successfully regain your stay, here's what you should know.


1.     You stand a greater chance with an immigration attorney

Whatever the reason for the deportation proceedings you are facing is, your best chance of building a strong case will be through the aid of immigration attorneys. If you're in Atlanta, hiring the service of an Atlanta immigration lawyer will help you avoid taking any wrong steps that can jeopardize your chances.

The government has been particularly interested in going after defaulting migrants and often resorting to deportation. This can have a substantial negative impact on your stay in the US, especially if the person facing deportation proceedings is a family member. The mental and emotional pain of living separated from a loved one is indescribable and can affect your productivity in all facets of life.


2.     You don't have to be in detention

In certain instances, when you or a loved one is facing deportation proceedings, the authorities could hold the immigrant in a detention center prior to trial. Unlike what some people think, you can request to be released on bail as you await your trial. To do this, you must hire an Atlanta immigration lawyer or deportation lawyer to help with the release process.

Your immigration attorney will request that ICE or, if required, the judge releases you on bail while you wait and prepare ahead of your trial date. You don't have to spend an unknown number of days in detention pre-trial, and your Atlanta immigration lawyer can help you ensure that.

3.     Your civil rights should be respected

Some immigrants face terrible experience during deportation proceedings that translates to a violation of civil rights. When this happens, you shouldn't have to let it slide because you have no option. If you want to file a complaint against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer or any other law enforcement officer that violated your civil rights, you have the legal right to do so. Your immigration lawyer will be able to help you with your case, and you can file a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security.


That said, it's essential to have an experienced lawyer handle your deportation case to increase your chances of winning significantly. Taking any wrong or emotion-based step can totally complicate or weaken your case, leaving you helpless and lost.

A seasoned immigration attorney can guide you through each stage and ensure the success of your proceedings.

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