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Fairies Love Christmas Too

Fairies Love To Count Down To Christmas Too With This Beautiful Advent Calendar Kids Will Love To Play With

Is there anyone that doesn't enjoy fairies? I know I do and I certainly know that my granddaughters do. I guess it's the wings and the flying, maybe how small they are? Whatever it is, I just know kids love to get lost in their world. Playmobil is great at creating toys that kids absolutely adore. They recently sent me their gorgeous Adventures of Ayuma – Advent Calendar. Now, let me tell you that this isn't your ordinary advent calendar. The kids get to open a small toy each day up to Christmas day and when they're done they have a whole set to play with! I couldn't even snap the pictures fast enough before they tore open the box.

My Granddaughters Got Too Excited

When I brought out the box the oldest one grabbed it and began to open all of the slots! I couldn't stop her in time so I decided to just let them open everything. This would be a great tradition to start with your kids. Playmobil has many advent calendars to choose from so you wouldn't have to use the same one every year. Kids would absolutely love it. Back to my granddaughters! After they destroyed the box we put all of the pieces together to show how amazing this set really was. They loved it because the pieces were easy to hold and play with.

What Is Included In The Set?

The Adventures of Ayuma Advent Calendar set includes 95 pieces! Yes, you read that correctly. Obviously, they're separated into 24 items for each day leading up to Christmas. You'll receive 2 fairies and their own spirit animals. The recommended age is 7-12 years old, but we let the 5-year-old help while supervising closely. We were amazed at how detailed and vibrant all of the pieces were. After opening all of them they sat down and played for hours. Imagine how much fun your little ones would have with this.

Not only will your kids have lots of figures to play with, but they can also use a smartphone to download the special app. It has games, puzzles, and lots of fun surprises kids will love! If your little ones just want to sit back and watch you can also watch it on Youtube. There are endless ways to enjoy this fun playset.

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