Pumpkin It Up! by Eliza Cross and How D'ya Like Them Apples? by Madge Baird

Fall Is For Pumpkin And Apples - Pumpkin It Up! by Eliza Cross and How D'ya Like Them Apples? by Madge Baird

It's Fall and there are recipes and food items popping up everywhere that contain fall favorites – pumpkin and apple. I'm right up there with everyone else in baking heaven right now making pumpkin bread and apple muffins among other favorites. If you're looking for some new recipes to try, I'd like to introduce you to two cookbooks I've been tinkering around with lately.

Pumpkin It Up! by Eliza Cross and How D'ya Like Them Apples? by Madge Baird have plenty to offer to both new and experienced bakers and cookers alike.


Pumpkin It Up! by Eliza Cross


Pumpkin is one of my favorite foods, though I wouldn't consider myself a fanatic about it. Pumpkin Bread is one of my family's favorite treats when fall time comes around. Flavored butters are something I like to make — featuring flavors such as apple, cinnamon, honey, and strawberry. I can't believe I never thought of making pumpkin butter before! It's delicious!

My family has certain favorite dishes for Thanksgiving including my homemade dinner rolls, green bean casserole and cornbread dressing. But, every year I spend time researching one or two new recipes to make to go along with the old standbys. If they are well-received, I add them to my “might make” rotation list and each year I choose a few from that list to make. Variety is key.

Pumpkin butter is going to be one of the new items I add to our Thanksgiving table this year. Pumpkin anything is usually well-liked by everyone who attends, so I'm pretty confident that this recipe will be something everyone will like. Whether it will be added to my rotation list or become an every year favorite has yet to be seen. I'm thinking it will be something I make every year.

I've also made the Pumpkin Cheesecake French Toast recipe featured in this cookbook and, wow… it is so delicious! I think I'd like french toast no matter what the flavor, but pumpkin is one I've never tried before.


Savor the taste of fall year-round with 75 pumpkin-infused recipes.

There’s more to pumpkin than lattes and pies, so Pumpkin It Up! is here to help you discover sweet and savory ways to pumpkin up every meal. With both traditional favorites and unexpected twists, these recipes will please even the pickiest of pumpkin eaters. Stock your spice rack with Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice, keep breakfast classic with Pumpkin Pancakes, liven up dinner with Pumpkin Tortilla Soup, and tempt yourself with Pumpkin Tiramisu for dessert. Whatever your pumpkin craving is, you’re covered!


How D'ya Like Them Apples? by Madge Baird


Apples are another flavor that is a fall favorite in my house. I work it into cakes, muffins, in chicken dishes, and (my personal favorite) homemade apple cinnamon jelly. Yum! I was excited to try an apple glaze, an apple option that I had not attempted before.

This Apple-Dijon Glaze isn't limited to the Turkey Meatballs With Apple-Dijon Glaze recipe, by any means. I've served it with chicken dishes as well. Can you tell we eat a lot of chicken around here? It's also delicious as a dip for smoked sausage and drizzled over pork chops, as well. I'd love to try it as a topping on a pizza. I'm thinking Chicken Apple-Dijon BBQ pizza would be good.

My daughter and husband are huge fans of curry, so she made the Curry Chicken Salad recipe for dinner one evening. I don't love curry, in general, although I like the Curry Chicken she makes to serve over rice. I'm becoming more of a fan, though. This salad was very good! Next up to try in my menu plan is the Chicken Quesadillas With Apples & Brie recipe. I can't wait!


75 recipes from fresh salads to creative soups, sides, main dishes, and sweet treats

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about a fresh, crisp apple salad? A hearty apple and lentil soup? Succulent apple-stuffed chicken breast or spicy apple curry? Or the classic favorite, apple pie? Madge Baird, a regular Johnny Appleseed, has 75 creative, simple, and delicious ways to make eating apples the highlight of your day.

As the state fruit of Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia, it’s clear that the apple is an easy fruit to love. These yummy, easy-to-make recipes make apples even more loveable, showing what a versatile, exciting food apples can be. So, how do you like them apples? Get ready to love them.

Madge Baird is the author of three previous cookbooks and is a seasoned cookbook editor. She lives in northern Utah, where she manages a large garden, a small orchard, a flock of laying hens, and several hives of honeybees.

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What are your favorite ways to incorporate pumpkin and apples into your fall dishes?

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