Fall Skin Care Tips To Prepare for Winter

As the seasons change and the temperatures dip, it’s only natural that your skin will also go through its own transitions. In fact, you may already see some differences in how your skin looks in the mirror. Whether it has a rougher texture, a dry, flaky appearance, or more acne, your complexion can experience a lot during this time. Make sure to adopt some fall skin care tips to prepare for winter. This way, you can set yourself up for continued skin health and beauty, regardless of what these harsh months expose it to.

Switch to Gentler Cleansers

Switching your deep-action cleaners for gentler alternatives is one of the first things you should do as the weather cools down. Less moisture in the air makes it much easier for your skin to dry out, making it more susceptible to damage and sensitivity. Because of this, your harsher summer cleaners, which strip your skin of oils and dirt, can do more harm than good during this time. Gentler formulas let you sufficiently clean the skin while helping you retain the natural oils that keep you hydrated.

Use Heavier Moisturizers

Likewise, make sure that you switch to slightly heavier moisturizing products. While you can get away with using lightweight hydrating formulas in the summer, fall and winter conditions will simply overpower them. Adopting a heavier cream moisturizer instead will help supply deeper hydration that holds throughout your day. If you have oilier or combination skin, consider looking for water-based products to help reduce your risk of breakouts.

Set Up a Humidifier

If you need a little extra help keeping your skin hydrated, consider setting up a humidifier in your home. This might not seem like a skin care tip, but the humidity levels in your home can directly affect the state of your skin. When the air is dry around your sleeping area, you could wake up with flakier skin than you had the day before. Fortunately, a humidifier can greatly help your skin retain some of that essential moisture so that you can wake up with a dewy complexion.

Get a Hydrating Facial

Another crucial fall skin care tip to help you prepare for winter is to pursue a hydrating facial or two during this time of year. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to keep your skin sufficiently hydrated, no matter how you change your daily skin care routines. In these cases, HydraFacials can give you the extra boost you need to gain an edge over the weather and protect the long-term health of your complexion. There’s a lot to know about HydraFacial treatments. Getting one is a great first step in readying yourself for winter.

Apply a Broad-Spectrum SPF

Above all, though, it’s vital that you continue to apply sunscreen during this time of year. People commonly think that the need for sunscreen dissipates as the cold, overcast months comes. But the sun penetrates the skin regardless, and it still causes damage beneath the surface. Wearing a broad-spectrum SPF product everyday blocks UV rays from damaging the skin, leaving your complexion healthier and younger looking.

Keep your skin in the best possible shape with these effective tips. Every change you make now can make a difference come spring, and you’re sure to come out looking your best.

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