Falling in Love: Adorable Date Ideas for Autumn

Falling in Love: Adorable Date Ideas for Autumn

Autumn is one of the more underrated seasons for romance. It isn’t too cold for a stroll outdoors, but it isn’t too warm to get close to each other. On top of that, there’s a never-ending list of activities we associate with the season that make for adorable date ideas for autumn. If you and your S.O. want to make the most of the season, read on.

Go Forest Bathing

There is a Japanese healthcare practice known as shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing.” It embraces the physical and emotional health benefits of a walk in the woods. And if there is any time to enjoy the ambience of the woods, it’s the fall.

Simply taking in the fall colors while hiking in your local nature preserve is plenty romantic on its own. But you can always add an extra layer of fun to the day by packing a picnic lunch. Or you can hike in the evening, watch the sunset, and then enjoy a romantic bonfire. Just make sure you layer your clothes for the cold night ahead.

Head to the Farm

Fall has a way of making the biggest city-slickers embrace the down-home fall aesthetic. It’s the season of the harvest, after all, and there are plenty of adorable fall date ideas you can explore down on the farm. For example:

  • Take a hayride
  • Visit a corn maze
  • Head to the local orchard to pick apples
  • Pick pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch
  • Visit a living history farm

If you don’t want to go to a literal farm, you can always get that agricultural feel by going to your local farmers market. Pick out some fresh produce, some local-made crafts, and other autumnal goodies. Top off the day with a trip to a coffee shop or local diner for lunch.

Have a Baking Day

Cold weather is the perfect time to warm the house with your oven, and if you picked up some fresh-picked apples or produce at your farm day, a baking day is a perfect way to make use of them.

You can tailor a baking date to your skill level. For beginners, there’s nothing wrong with investing in some slice-and-bake cookies. If you’re looking for a challenge, try baking a homemade apple pie, apple cider doughnuts, or pumpkin bread.

Enjoy Story-Time

As fun as going out and enjoying the sights and sounds of the season is, one of the best things about fall is often just embracing the warm, cozy ambience of the indoors with a warm blanket, a warm fire, and your special somebody. And what better way to add to the ambience than with a good book?

Start your cozy day with a trip to the library. Pick out an old favorite or choose a book you think the other would like. Then, head home for some reading time, some warm cider or pumpkin spice, and a good snuggle.

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