As a busy parent, chances are you spend a lot of time in the car. Back and forth on the school run, ferrying kids to friends houses, birthday parties and other activities. You probably find that the supermarket is your second home the amount you need to go there- either way, family life is busy and there's a lot of moving little people and yourself from A to B. But how family friendly is your current vehicle? Are you in need of an upgrade? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.


Do You Have Enough Space?

One of the things most families find is that they need a more spacious vehicle. Even if you have enough seats for your children, if you’re driving a smaller car chances are you’re all pretty cramped. As a family, space in the boot for things like bikes, pushchairs and groceries is always going to make your life easier. If you’re currently driving a three door car, having to pull the seat forward to get kids in and out can be inconvenient (and bad on the back too!) Upgrading to a five door so that you can access the back seats easily is far more family friendly. You don’t have to go with something huge like an MPV or SUV but a more spacious car could certainly make life more comfortable. Give your family car a personal touch with car 3D number plates that can be customized according to your requirements as well.


Does it Have Good Safety Features?

No one wants to think about having a car crash, especially with their loved ones in the car. However it’s always best to plan ahead, and if you do happen to be involved in an incident you want your car to protect you as much as possible. Newer cars tend to have newer and better safety features, and so if you’re thinking about upgrading your old model this could be a good reason to do so. New cars are expensive, but you could always look into no credit check installment loans or car finance deals and see if spreading the cost monthly would be more doable. You could trade in or sell your old car, using whatever it’s worth as a deposit towards your new one. This would help to bring down your monthly payments so it’s worth using savings here too if you have any.


Is it Economical to Run?

Most of us who are raising a family are on a budget- let’s face it, kids don’t come cheap. They’re constantly outgrowing their clothes, are forever developing new interests and you of course need money to be able to take them places and allow them to enjoy their childhood when they’re not at school. On top of food, bills and other household expenses, paying over the odds for fuel is something you’re probably hoping to avoid. As a rule, smaller cars do tend to be less expensive to run which might pose a problem if needing more space is one of the issues you have with your current car. However there are larger models that are fuel efficient due to lighter materials used and different technologies. For example hybrids and electric models are a lot cheaper to run, diesel models are too in many cases. Don’t just purchase the first car you see that fits the bill, do some research and find out how much it’s going to cost you to run. bnnnnnnnnc v

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