Do you have a child that loves to sing, I have the perfect gift for them. The Singing Machine Kids Mic Guy. He's a Bluetooth speaker that they can actually sing into.

Are you in the mood to sing, and want to have the karaoke experience anywhere. This 2 in 1 Bluetooth speaker with microphone, gives you the both of two worlds, a speaker and a mic to belt out your favorite song. LED lights flash and change color when they sing or talk into the microphone.

My nieces and nephews love to sing, and this is the perfect gift for them. Singing makes everyone happy and in children, it can help them build confidence and helps with promoting their brains and body wellness. Singing Machine Kids Bluetooth Speaker brings the joy of music combined with the benefits of developmental skills, just charge and take it with you everywhere! Empower your children to rock out with your family anywhere any time!

There is a USB cable (micro). You connect to your smartphone and find a kids song site like youtube and then they can sing along. Great fun! Easy to use! Portable because it operates on rechargeable batteries! There is a volume control as well as for the echo effect. No feedback.

Works with all music and karaoke apps
Portable Bluetooth speaker with MIC GUY Microphone
Glowing Lighting effects on the body
Microphone volume and Echo controls
Li-ion rechargeable battery for over 4 hours fun

Pair your music device via Bluetooth to stream your favorite karaoke songs via any Karaoke App including Singing Machine Mobile app or listen to your own song library! This is my 4-year-old niece's gift, I can imagine all the fun she's going to have with this. I know her mom will love me.

For the music lovers in your family, this guy is the one for you. Young or old we all love to sing, and there is no better way then into a microphone. Share all the fun with your family and friends.



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