Family Head To Head Racing

Have Some Fun With Family Head To Head Racing – Bond With The Kids By Racing Them On The Track

We all love bonding with our kids, or in my case, my grandkids.  There's nothing better than reading with them or even creating a fun craft.  However, it's just as much fun challenging them to a crazy game of track racing!  As a matter of fact, this kit I'm going to tell you about comes with everything you will need, so get ready to write up their Christmas list with this on it.  I recently received a wonderful Carrera Go!!! Disney Pixar Cars Speed Challenge Race Track.  Whew, that's a mouthful.  My granddaughter is 8 years old and she absolutely loves this.  She kinda freaked out when she opened it.  I've already played with it (obviously).  As far as fun goes, this track is amazing, in addition, it has 16 plus feet of track and it even has a loop!

Family Head To Head Racing

Racing Those Kids

Ready, get set, go!  What child doesn't love to get on the floor with their parents (or grandparents) and just play?  What's so great about doing this is that it makes us adults turn back into kids again.  It's that much fun!  So, let me tell you about this track.  It comes with 2 cute as button cars.  You know them as  Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm.  They even have little faces on the cars.  The speed controllers each have a turbo burst and the track features curves, a straight-away, and as I said earlier, even a loop.  This set is actually expandable so the possibilities are obviously endless!  The little cars look just like their characters in the movies.  The cars have a type of magnet to make it even easier for beginners like me.

Family Head To Head Racing

Carrera Go!!! has many different toys to choose from so don't forget them as the holidays come creeping upon us.  Imagine the excitement your child (or children) will have when they open something like this up on Christmas morning!  Heck, I'm an adult and I love it.

Family Head To Head Racing

I hope you and your family enjoy this race track as much as we have.  Please click on the links I've provided and purchase your very own set.  I hope you have a beautiful holiday!

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