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When you are ready to start a family with your spouse, it would be wonderful if things happened naturally with no help and no worry.  Just one month you are pregnant and you are overjoyed.  Unfortunately, for some women this does not happen and intimacy becomes a chore, something you have to do to get what you have been desiring and being on pins and needles month after month worrying, waiting, and hoping that this is the month that you get the news you have been waiting for.  Some couples spend thousands of dollars to achieve that goal which totally takes the fun out of actually getting pregnant! The result is the same, but you need to do injections, or have procedures, and it is all very clinical instead of taking place in the privacy of your own home.   Some women also go the route of buying ovulation kits to see when they will be most fertile to increase their chances of getting pregnant – well why not increase those chances even more and add The Stork OTC to your pregnancy planning!

The Stork OTC is an over-the-counter, FDA cleared device.  You use it during ovulation and it uses cervical cap insemination which has been used in clinics for years but now you can use it in the privacy of your own home in an intimate setting with your spouse.  The technique enables the sperm to bypass the vaginal tract and become as close as possible to the opening of the cervix which is where it needs to swim through.  It also prevents loss of sperm in the vaginal tract and the more sperm the better your chances of becoming pregnant!

The Stork OTC can be purchased at Walgreens and CVS and it is located in the family planning section next to ovulation test kits – perfect together! The best part is, you take it home and you use it at home privately and in familiar surroundings which is the best way to be intimate with the one you love! Their website has all the information that you will need and more if you have any questions.0



When you have been trying to conceive with no results it can be so frustrating and heartbreaking.  Why not help your chances easily, in the privacy of your own home, no procedures, no injections, and less risks than other methods.  You don’t want to take the fun out of getting pregnant, trying is the best part! Enjoy your time together without the added pressure and let The Stork OTC help you achieve your desired outcome!

The Stork OTC will be having a Twitter party on February 23rd at 8 pm EST.  Join them and participate with hashtag #getcloserwithstorkotc

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