The family tree.  I remember doing a project on it in school, and my daughter did one too.  Of course, it was pretty basic.

I grew up believing my dad's side of the family was Italian, and my mom's was Italian and Polish (my maternal grandfather).  When my maternal grandfather died, my mother started going through some of his papers he had and lo and behold, it turns out that my grandfather's biological father was Russian.  He actually died when my grandfather was very young and his mother remarried another Polish man.  Maybe that is where I got the thought (as did my family) that he was Polish.  We knew his mom had remarried after his dad died, but we had no idea that her first husband (and his father) was Russian!   I can only imagine what I do not know – were both his parents Russian? Since he died when my grandfather was so young, I doubt even my grandfather knew.


Family Tree DNA answers all the questions you may have with a simple cheek swab.  You can trace your ancestry through either your mother's side or your father's side.  You can also trace their migration paths which is pretty cool to see where they were.  Let's face it, beyond your grandparents and great-grandparents, you really might be missing something somewhere that maybe would be interesting to know that your great-great-great grandfather was actually born somewhere you didn't even realize.

They also have a neat thing called the Family Finder.  I think this is ingenious, especially for people who are adopted or for people who maybe do not know their family and would like to find out who they are.  They actually scan the system and put you in contact with your closest genetic matches.  It is amazing what a simple cheek swab can do.  Just imagine all the questions that can be answered.  Science is truly amazing.

So stop wondering if you know the whole story and check out Family Tree DNA to see the kits you can order to get your questions answered!

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