Fanny Foozle is a free downloadable app that u can either get from the IToonstore or the google play store. Its a ebook app where u can follow a story line of Fanny Foozle from the town of Frankfoozle.
In this app there are options of reading the story on your childs own or having the book read to them by the narrator who does a great job doing so. I cant wait to try this out on our newly adopted to the family nephew Miquel who is three. Im hoping this will grab his attention for longer than a couple of seconds .
Over all its a great app for Preschoolers learning to read either on their own or by help of a narrator im very pleased with this.


Learn more about Fanny Foozle on their website and social media:

Two lucky winners will each get one copy of the paperback version of the Fanny Foozle: The Four Leaf Fantuckle Festival (Volume 1) story!  Enter on the form below for your chance to win (US 18+).













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  1. This would be for my daughter, Natalie. She’s 2 and we would enjoy it together!

  2. Megan Parsons says:

    I’d give this book to my daughter. She loves to read!

  3. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d give it to my little nephews.

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