One thing I have always enjoyed watching from a distance is the way my son and his wife say, “I appreciate you”. Of course they use the words. But even better than that, they use little notes … lots of them … to show their appreciation and to encourage each other. Little notes on the refrigerator, on the walls, and tucked in drawers. It's pretty special. But sometimes those notes get misplaced, making them unavailable to look back on. When I found the “OGO J.A.R.®“, I was so thrilled! I knew right away that my kids needed this fantastic way of communicating their acknowledgment and recognition of each other. And I knew it would be something they could also share with their kids. It's never too early to learn how to show appreciation for someone.

The Meaning Of The OGO J.A.R.®

Every OGO (Oh Great One) J.A.R. (Jackpot of Acknowledgment and Recognition) is a special vessel for families, employers, and friends to collect encouraging notes to give to someone who could use a little recognition. Pretty much every one of us could use that, right? Created by David Novak and his daughter, Ashley Novak-Butler, the OGO J.A.R.® got it's name when David was trying to decide what he wanted his grandchildren to call him that would be unique and not make him feel old before his time. “Oh Great One” seemed to fit and it stuck. Ashley came up with the idea of placing that name on a special jar that would be filled to the brim with little notes David could read over and over again. Fantastic idea! I would encourage you to click on the link above and listen to the story.

What You Will Receive

It comes with everything you need to mark the occasion:

  • Keepsake glass jar with write-on lid and chalkboard label
  • 50 customizable pre-cut message strips
  • Each strip has a thought-starter, like “You’re Great Because…” and “I Love You Because…” to make it easy to express your thoughts.
  • Three design markers for writing on the strips and decorating the jar
  • 8-1/2 inches tall
  • Ideas on how to add even more sizzle to the jar

OGO Is A Movement

This wonderful creation is a movement that's spreading rapidly. And for good reason. As I've seen with my son and daughter-in-law, taking the time to let another person know things you appreciate about them and reasons why you're glad they're in your life can have a huge impact on them. In the work place, having an employer tell you you've done a great job or even that they appreciate you can make a difference in the entire way you view your position and your importance. Maybe you have a neighbor who would benefit from knowing they matter? Maybe an old friend that you haven't told how important they are to you in awhile? After giving an OGO J.A.R.® to my kids, I just had to send one to my daughter and her fiance. And that one I started myself by writing on the first card before sending it off.

OGO For Your Valentine

Here's a wonderful idea … Valentine's Day is right around the corner … the OGO J.A.R.® would make the perfect gift for your Valentine. You can either fill it with the cards you write, or you can get the note giving started and then place your jar in a central location for you both to contribute to throughout the year. Whenever either one of you needs a little boost, open your jar together and read the encouragement inside.

Help Find A Cure

Each OGO J.A.R.® sold spreads love in yet another way …  “OGO is committed to finding a cure for T1D by donating 100% of the profits from his book, and 10% of profits from the sales of its merchandise, to the Wendy L. Novak Diabetes Care Center and other charities leading the fight against diabetes.”

Who can you think of that would be so happy to receive an OGO J.A.R.®? Who's your “OGO”?

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