The fantasy box is and adult monthly subscription box service that delivers preplanned sexual fantasies for couples. The fantasy box had sent me a classic playful themed box.

The box arrived in a discreet brown box. Which made it more comfortable knowing that the neighbors and my son didn't know what was in the box. When you open the box you will be delighted and curious to see what is in the pink and black magnetized box filled with all your goodies for your fantasy. This is where your fantasy begins.
When you open the pink box, you will find your fantasy instruction cards. Which these two cards breaks down the easy to follow details of the fantasy.  Both of you are assigned a role.
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In the beginning the man seems to have an easy part to play which is helmut. The women's role Gisele, has more work and preparing. While preparing for our time I had been thinking about my role and ways to make it more special and pleasurable. Which I was having fun preparing for our fantasy.
I really liked the fact that the Helmut card directed him to help keep my mind off being self conscious and worried about my flaws, into helping me feel sexy and confident. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but as you play the roll it just plays itself out and you find yourself getting more comfortable.
Here it was I received a spellbound camisole  grey and pink chemise with matching thong.
A spellbound black and silver camisole and matching thong.
A coquette pink and grey camisole with matching thong.
The spellbound camisole is grey silk with light pink lace just in all the right places. The ribbon can be used either as bows on the back or to tie your hands behind your back. The thing has not much material.
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The spellbound black and grey camisole is very see through. Also with ribbon to tie bows around your wrists or to tie your hands behind your back. With a lace thong.
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The coquette pink and grey camisole  is pink and grey lace. Very comfortable but also very provocative.  Doesn't leave much to the imagination.
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Each piece is different and makes you feel different. Which makes it much easier to play the fantasy with different personalities and style.
The monthly subscriptions are offered at three levels:
The Essentials: ($36.00) lingerie, toys, novelties, instruction cards, sample sizes 3-4 products, average retail value $50.00
The Classic: ($59.00) lingerie, toys, novelties, instruction cards, full-size high quality products. Original theme. 4-6 products, average retail value $75.00
The Platinum: ($159.00) the newest toys, the biggest brands LELO/Jimmy Jane. Amazing lingerie. Hand-packed, personal concierge service. 5-7 products, average retail value $200.00
Themed Fantasy Bundles (Choose-Your-Own-Adventure) such as what I received for this review are offered in Classic $199.00 and Platinum $499.00 levels.  The Fantasy Bundles include:
Control Fantasies
Sensual Fantasies
Costume/Role Play Fantasies
Light and Fun Fantasies
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They also have boxes that you can buy just one box for  $40.00, $65.00 and $170.00. For the single ladies they have boxlettes. Honeymooners they have boxes for you also.
The fantasy box not only set the mood it had everything to help act out the fantasy. The catwalk fantasy box provided comfortable and encouraging fantasy with high quality products. For more information click here.
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