The best simulator games have to be engaging, fun, helpful, and addictive. Farming Simulator 19 has all the admirable and lovable qualities that gamers like to see. It has been an iconic game for many years, thanks to the developers at GIANTS software and the love from every gamer that still plays it today. But some players might have difficulty making money in this game. 


So, here are 5 tips for beginners to help them make a lot of money playing farming simulator 19.

1. Horse Training then Selling Them

This is a great way to make some money in the game because horse training isn't too difficult and selling them can be quite lucrative. Just remember to give your horses enough oats, straw, and hay. You can save a lot of money if you make those items yourself because you won't spend a lot trying to buy them. The horses need a lot of water too, but you can get it from the nearest lake for free and it's not difficult to do. Remember to use a bale spike to feed them properly. Once you've trained your horses fully and put in the time to ride them, each horse will cost about 50k and you can sell them all and make a decent profit. Horses usually cost around 2.5k or 3k when they are untrained, so this is an amazing way to earn some money.

2. Get a GPS Mod

It's shocking that a lot of players don't get a helpful mod for guidance to make the game easier. You can finish your chores and tasks much faster with one. As this helpful page explains, having a guidance steering mod with the GPS feature can show you exactly where you are and it can prevent you from getting lost. Also, it will tell you where you need to go for a specific job or task. The mod helps you save time and effort, and you will finish your jobs quicker and earn money faster. Over time, you will see that this is a great mod to have if you want to make the game easier and much more lucrative for you. Increasing your productivity in the game means more money being made/earned. 

3. Selling Silage

The game allows you to sell silage and make a decent profit from it, but you need to cut a lot of grass, collect and store it in a silo, and then compact it to make it ready for the fermenting process. You can guarantee a good sales margin from this because Biogas plants and barns are always asking for silage. Some players like using a Big M vehicle to cut the grass, but you can use other vehicles depending on your preference. If you want to save time and effort, you could buy a Biogas plant yourself along with the land. The sale will go much easier and faster, but requires some capital from your end, so be sure that you can afford to spend that kind of money on this investment.

4. Timber Work

Another way for you to make some money is through timber work. You will need to invest in a timber lorry and then start chopping down some trees. A lot of players recommend that you do this in the Felsbrunn area. With a good yield of timber each day, you will earn a lot of money and have a steady income for yourself. It's a perfect and simple method for beginners too, because you can use the money to further expand your farming empire as much as you like. You can make money by using farm machinery, to help people out. 

5. Doing Contract Jobs

Earning money from contract jobs is another good choice because they're very simple and fast for your money making plans. You have a variety of jobs to choose from, but the most lucrative ones have to be harvesting and fertilizing jobs. They're very easy, but if you don't have the right equipment for them, then you can lease some depending on the job you choose. It's cheaper than buying it upfront until you can afford it later.

It's a lot of fun choosing vehicles, working on your farm, harvesting your crops, and earning a lot of money in the game. The game allows players to dabble in different mods and maps too so they can enjoy their time, making their experience a lot better and more memorable. It’s almost guaranteed that players will enjoy their time playing this even more once they use these tips to make a lot of money and make their gameplay a lot easier. 


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