Winter is an exciting time. When it comes to winter, our closets do not only become dramatic, but they also become a little more practical as compared to the other seasons. Getting prepared for winter is, therefore, an essential thing for everyone. That is because you need to keep warm throughout the season, whether for indoor or outdoor activities. When you pick the appropriate clothing, keeping warm becomes very easy for you. This is particularly important if you are working outdoors. It is also possible to keep warm during the winter season without compromising your sense of fashion. 


The following are some of the essentials you may not skip for the season. 

Over Knee Boots and Skinny Jeans

You can maintain your daytime glamour by a combination of skinny jeans and over the knee boots. This combination does not only give you the much-needed warmth, but also gives you a classy look that will never disappoint. Girls can even wear over the knee boots with jumpers during the day or with mini-skirts or mini-dress during the night. It lets you rock in a mini-skirt in such cold weather.  



Sweaters are essential, especially when it gets freezing. You can choose to wear simple sweaters that do not complicate your fashion. Wearing your simple shirts under your jackets and coats will help to keep a layer of warmth between your clothes, keeping you warm throughout. 

High Socks

There is nothing as worse as when your ankles and feet freeze in the winter cold. High socks play a vital role in keeping your feet warm and prevent freezing. You can have knee high socks made of wool to get you covered. Woolen socks will help in regulating the temperature. Remember, when your  feet are freezing, you can hardly sleep. When it comes to high socks, you can invest in a bunch of them to ensure that you never miss a pair for the day.

High-quality Jackets

A good quality jacket can help you keep warm, especially during outdoor activities. When you say quality jacket, it means a jacket that is somewhat fitting but a little loose to allow you to layer other clothes such as sweaters or T-shirts underneath. Interestingly, it's easy to find fashionable jackets for winter, especially for those looking for woman coats. These jackets will automatically rock your fashion while keeping you warm. One amazing thing about puffer jackets is that they are trendy, while they help keep you warm all along. 


Coats can also be handy for outdoor activities. You can get long coats with hoods to keep you warm even on your lower body warm, unlike short jackets. Coats can also have deep pockets in which you can put your hands to keep them warm. Coats also come with options such as water-resistant materials such as nylon or polypropylene and can protect you from water. Coats may also have fur hoods that keep your head covered and warm. 


Leather jackets are also essential for the winter season. Both men and women can wear leather jackets. You, therefore, need them in your winter closet. Leather jackets come in different styles that may fit all the tastes. 

Wide Leg Pants

You do not need to stick to jeans throughout the cold season. You can stock your wardrobe with wide-leg pants for ladies. These pants present a style of their own. These pants can be paired with ankle boots or heeled clogs to give you a little lift. 

Hats and Gloves

It is essential to protect your extreme body parts from the cold by wearing hats that cover you up to the ears.  For those with beautiful long hair do not need to wear winter headbands and earmuffs. You can as well get water-resistant hats that keep your hair free from water.


Wintertime for the girls at Coconut Gallery means poncho time! One-size fits all! A poncho is a great layering piece, pair a poncho with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings to keep you warm on those winter nights. Looking for the glam look? Why not look for a poncho with a faux-fur collar.

It would help if you also had waterproof gloves. There are many fashionable gloves in the market that you can mix-and-match with your hats and wardrobe.

Scarfs, Ski Masks or Balaclava

You need to cover your face from the winter wind and cold air that may affect some delicate parts of your face. Scarfs are the best clothing that you can use to keep your face and neck covered. For sporting activities, ski masks can be beneficial. Make sure that your costumes are designed for athletics. Balaclavas can also be very useful and can be used instead of caps. 


During the cold season, and you know you will work outdoors, it is essential to check your closet to ensure that you have the best clothes to keep you warm. Taking a quick closet check will enable you to know the areas in which you are not covered. After this, it is time to go out and fill the gaps in your closet. 

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