Fashionable Alternatives to Carrying a Purse

Sometimes, you need an extra set of hands to carry all your important items. When pockets fail, people may turn to purses to hold their stuff. But, what do you do when a handbag doesn’t fit your style?

If carrying a purse sounds like a nightmare, fashionable alternatives are available. Consider these options to shake things up while storing your personal belongings.

Fashion Backpacks

Backpacks aren’t only for students. Fashion backpacks seamlessly mix trendy styles and functionality. From mini to full-size options, these purse alternatives offer more space, support, and style.

Different brands cater to different aesthetics. For example, Loungefly has several designs and prints for people who love Disney and pop culture. You can even find designer backpacks from the likes of Michael Kors, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton!

Fanny Packs

Are you ready for a blast from the past? The ‘90s are making a comeback with the resurrection of fanny packs. These accessories have undergone a modern makeover, making them stylish and versatile.

Nowadays, people wear fanny packs across their chests in a “crossbody” fashion. However, you can still rock one like a dad at a theme park to carry your phone, keys, wallets, and more!

Wallet Phone Cases

Not everyone travels with a ton of personal items. If you only carry the essentials, wallet phone cases are perfect for you. Not only do these purse substitutes store your cards and cash, but they also protect your phone from damage.

Wallet cases come in all kinds of colors, materials, and styles. Amp up the luxury by choosing a leather-bound case with elegant stitching and tons of card slots. However, you could also go minimal by sticking a cardholder to the back of a plastic case, perfect for people always on the go.

Crossbody Phone Case

Do you like the idea of a wallet phone case but don’t have space in your pocket? Those who struggle with this dilemma should look into crossbody phone cases to solve their problems.

With a crossbody case, you can wear your phone, credit cards, and cash without all the bulk. This fashionable alternative to carrying a purse keeps your important items close, ensuring you’ll never worry about misplacing anything.

No matter your choice, keep comfort and convenience in mind. You don’t have to abide by social norms that dictate fashion; carry your stuff in your own unique way to make a statement and break the mold.

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