Hadaki Tennis Tote

I am in love with my Hadaki Tennis tote! I am so excited to start using it whenever I go play tennis with my friends. It’s so annoying to have to carry around your tennis racket aside from your gym bag and then accidentally forget your tennis racket at the courts. I always wished there was an easier way to carry my gear when I was out and about. Now with my Hadaki tennis tote, I can travel to and from the tennis courts in comfort and style.

Comfort and Style

When I say comfort and style, I absolutely mean it! Hadaki is all about having really nice items, but making it fashion trendy, and functionable at the same time. I am in awe with the top quality materials and fine workmanship that goes into creating this amazing tote bag! Hadaki products are eco-friends as well staying free from AZO and phthalates. When I put my tennis tote on the ground and accidentally step on it or spill something on it, it does not get ruined! It is so easy to clean, because one of its best features is  a water resistant, wipeable fabric and finish. I love that especially when I have my kids with me and they have dirty little hands, I won’t get worried about them soiling my awesome Hadaki tennis tote.

Ideal Tote for Anyone

Hadaki caters to young professionals, students, and people who groove on having products that are fun and funky, yet have designs that make life so much easier. Hadaki is based in New Orleans so they know how to use that energy of the city to create their exciting products. With that in mind, my plum perfect tennis bag is ideal not just for women but men can use it too! The dark purple will match anyone’s outfit. Inside the bag is a beautiful checkered design that allows for a bright background when you are searching for your things. They will be easy to find. Whether I need my wallet, or keys, I can quickly locate it inside my groovy tennis tote.

Spacious and Organized

The bag is about eighteen inches in length and is is roughly sixteen inches in height, and six inches in width.  I love the front exterior pocket that holds my tennis racket. I could feel that the tennis racket is held securely in place and its strings are kept safe from damage. The handle though is meant to stick out. It makes for such an easy fit and carry. It has three exterior pockets ad four interior pockets. I am a person that needs organization, so this tote “tote-lly” works in my favor. Now I don’t have to carry two separate things of a gym bag and a tennis racket. Everything from my clothes, shoes, and personal items fit nicely in this spacious tote bag. From the four interior pockets, to the three exterior pockets,  I have all that I need to easily find and sort my things.

Worth It

I feel like I am not even caring a tennis tote, because its so fashionable. It is as if I am only carrying around a stylish accessory. I am relieved that my awesome tote is free from azo and phthalates, so no harmful chemicals are used to make it. The style, price, durability, and craftsmanship in making the tennis tote is totally worth the eighty-four dollars. My husband loves the tennis tote and will be borrowing it from me soon.

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