My grandfather was one of the best clockmakers, he was in the papers and everything when we were growing up. The one clock he loved the most, was his cuckoos, they had so many clocks all over the house and the sound of them helped me to sleep when I was up there growing up.

I actually still have one of them, well my brother in law in New Jersey does and its perfect. Still runs and if Pa was here today he would be so happy. Cuckoo Forest has some of the most amazing clocks, some are just so beautiful, they have other stuff too.


German Weather House



Deluxe weather house with a thermometer – on fair and dry days the woman comes out and on damp and rainy days the man comes out. Made in Germany.  We have ours on the window pane, in the kitchen to see how hot it is, outside is in the 90s and inside is a cool 65.  The way its made with them, man and woman remind me of my grandfather's clocks.


Cuckoo Clock 1-day-movement Chalet-Style



  • 1-Day-Movement
  • plays music and has dancers
  • has 3 moving elements
  • Free shipping*: Get this clock delivered by UPS Express within 2-4 days!
  • No sales taxes – All custom duties covered by us** – no hidden fees
  • 100% Authentic – Directly from the Black Forest
  • 2 year USA warranty

Music & Clockwork

Clockwork – SBS Feintechnik Regula – Made in Germany
Plays music – Music plays every half and full hour
Musicwork – 22 tones, made by Reuge Schweiz
Melodies – 2, alternately playing
Songs – „Der Fröhliche Wanderer”„Edelweiss”
Cuckoo Call -Sample Cuckoo Call


8-Day Musical Carved Clock Stag and Rifles


This Clock comes with 8-day movement and dancers. The motif is hunting with a powerful stag adorning the top of the clock. The deer is then flanked by old-fashioned rifles and the day’s catch of a bird and rabbit. The entire clock is decorated with oak leaves and dancing figures that twirl with the sounding of the cuckoo.

This exquisite clock is 100% carved by hand in the Black Forrest and is VdS certified for quality and craftsmanship.

The expertly carved clock plays the Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss. The music box was made by Reuge Schweiz, clockwork by SBS Feintechnik Regula and the elaborate covering of the clock was carved and crafted by the masters at August Schwer.

August Schwer is known around the world for their premium cuckoo clocks that remain totally authentic to the Black Forest, complete with detailed carvings and decorations. August Schwer is the 8-time winner of the Clock of The Year award. Click here to see the winning clock models.

This clock comes with a 4 Year warranty: 2-year manufacturer warranty and 2-year store warranty from Cuckoo Forest.


Quick Guide Through the Interesting Background of the Intricate Timepieces Cuckoo Clocks has a history almost as colorful as the clocks themselves.  The tradition of the clocks goes back hundreds of years and is steeped in German charm, innovation, and craftsmanship.


Cuckoo Clocks originated, and are still produced, in the Black Forest Region of Germany. The mythical forest that spawned countless fairytales also gave rise to the famed clocks. The earliest known coo coo clock dates to 1619 but there is evidence to suggest the tradition may be older.


The iconic cuckoo call started appearing in clocks around this time and probably appeared in other mechanical products as well. But by the 1670’s that call was firmly associated with cuckoo clocks.
During the early rise of the clocks there were three famed makers:

  • Franz Anton Ketterer
  • Michael Dilger,
  • Matthäus Hummel

It is widely believed these makers are responsible for the cuckoo’s clocks success during the early 1700’s.  But the clocks that lined the walls of these maker’s shops were not the ones we picture today.  They were varied and no signature “style” had yet emerged.


For a special Fathers Day gift, a clock will say a thousand words and last a lifetime



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