Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

GoFish Camera 

Do you have a fishing man in your life, who loves to catch the big ones. We have been fishing since we were young, and loved it as much as our dad. 

The GoFish Camera is a wireless underwater camera that sits on your pole. Now fisherman can see what they are about to catch, simple and easy to use. You can use it for any fishing activity you have , and its  water proof

Bait your line for the big fish and watch as the fish bites all on the camera , that can be used on any product you have, This camera has HD quality, night vision. The choice is yours ,makes a great Fathers Day Gift 

father's day and mother's day gift ideas from veteran grown llc

.Now that Easter has passed, it is time to start looking for mother's day or father's day gifts. With so many stores closed or with limited availability, it helps to shop online for gifts for upcoming holidays. Veteran Grown LLC makes it easy to shop for both Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts online. They offer gift bundles for the moms and dads that includes a variety of products to help them relax and feel good!

Beef That's A Little Jerky

I’m sure you’ve tasted many different types of beef jerky in your lifetime, but you haven’t had anything like this.  The jerky I’ve had in the past has been very leathery and hard to tear.  However, Prevail Jerky is some of the most tender, unique tasting beef you’ll put into your mouth.  It comes in various flavors but my personal favorite is the Umami Beef Jerky.  I also received their Original Beef Jerky, which was great too.  All of the ingredients are actual items you can pronounce and you’ll even recognize some of them.  Everyone is trying to eat a little cleaner and simpler and by eating this product, you’ll be doing just that

Men's Spray-On Moisturizer

Yes, ladies, men need their very own skincare too.  I must admit that when I received this moisturizer, I was jealous.  It sprays on and absorbs so quickly into the skin!  It also has a wonderful scent that will make any man stand out, but not in a bad way.  What is this amazing stuff?  It’s The Gruff Stuff Spray-On Moisturizer.  It sprays out right onto your hand or face and soothes any type of sensitive or irritated skin.  The Gruff Stuff works especially great in the morning when you (he) need that “get up and go” feeling.  It’s ideal to use after shaving because it will calm any inflammation.  Not only does it feel great, but it also has some great anti-aging properties that guys will love.  It contains Vitamin C and antioxidants, which is great to nourish the skin.

Oh my eyelids sometimes get so itchy. The itchier they get, I subconsciously start rubbing them for relief. But as you know, once you develop blepharitis it is a vicious cycle that only brings momentary relief and your eyelids come back raspier, itchier, and more raw than before. Nothing would really help alleviate the aggravation except when I would wash my face at night. All that makeup gone, and a great face wash, my eyes would start to heal while I slept. Using Eye Love’s Heyedrate Tea Tree face wash was a very soothing experience for me.

Cares For Eyes

Who is Eye Love? Eye Love is a company that takes care of eyes. They help treat people with eye disease. They understand that excess inflammation can be very uncomfortable and that with the right eye care regiment, there will be relief. They also provide eye exams and glasses to those in need with every purchase. 

My favorite avenue for cooking crispy chips or meat is normally with vegetable oil in a pan. I love crispy food. Oil gets wasted and thrown away, if I use too much of it while cooking. Furthermore, the oil gets so hot that it splatters everywhere. It leaves a big mess and I get a first degree burn. After thinking about it, I really feel consuming too much oily food is unhealthy and distasteful. That being said, since Air fryers have been invented, they have become a blessing. One of the number one air fryers in the United States is the Power XL Vortex Air Fryer.

Less Hassle

I love my Power Xl Vortex Air Fryer, because I am able to make some of my favorite foods. Frying has become without the hassle and messiness of a pan of hot splattering oil. My air fryer allows me to cook a fishy salmon dinner evenly and within twenty minutes tops. I don’t get a greasy after taste and I can even put asparagus in the fry tray after I’m done air frying the fish if I want a complete meal.

The beauty of the air fryer is the minimal use of oil. Just a quarter of a spoon is needed for crispy chicken wings. My chicken wings and French fries come out crispy as if they were fully submerged and fried in hot greasy oil. I can’t believe how easy it is to air fry meat and have it come out tasty and less greasy. This means that there is up to seventy percent less calories in my food.

I’ll start off by saying I’m a BIG fan of coffee and chai. I drink both just about every single day. And, I’m picky about my coffee and chai. Back when I started drinking coffee, I drank instant coffee that tasted pretty good. But, then I was eventually introduced to brewed coffee and fell in love. I never went back to instant, until now. What happened now? I was recently introduced to Alpine Start, a maker of premium instant coffee made with slow-roasted, Arabica beans.

Many of you coffee aficionados are probably saying, “Instant coffee? Uh, no way!”  But hear this: Alpine Start put their coffee to the taste test and their testers thought Alpine Start “tasted better than Starbucks brewed coffee 2 to 1” (taken from their website).

Alpine Start Helps You To Bring Specialty Coffee In An Instant Just About Anywhere!

I had the opportunity to try the following Alpine Start products:

  • Original Blend – Medium Roast Instant Coffee,
  • Coconut Creamer Latte, and

When it comes to music, everyone in this house listens to their own style, and most of the time you will hear it through the house. I want to hear mine and not everyone else. Thats where Treblab Bluetooth headphones come in. Now I can jam to my own music and not hear everyone else’s.

We love these and for me I want something thats going to feel good and not bother me as some headphones do. These feel great on and they aren’t bulky they fit just right. These wireless workout headphones come with aptX high-performance neodymium-backed 40mm speakers.

They’re super-comfortable, made of high-end, ultra-soft materials that mold to the natural shape of your ear for a custom fit. T-Quiet active noise-canceling technology blocks out the irritating external sounds so that you can focus. Perfect for just hearing the music, not what’s going on around me. With an incredible 35 HOURS of playtime, from PlayXTend battery, you’ll keep hearing your favorite music, workout after work-out.

Enjoy total comfort without any fatigue no matter how long you’re wearing your headphones. Z2 comes with a built-in HD microphone and Voice assistants: Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa. Now I dont have to take the headphones off to answer the phone, these are perfect for me

Recycled Bottles To Backpack

Here we are in the year 2020 and thankfully, we’re getting better at recycling.  The process of taking the old and making it brand new has been around for quite a while, unfortunately, it has taken us a little longer than it should’ve.  We have the technology to do so much good in this world, so we have no excuses!  Imagine taking old plastic bottles to create a quality, canvas backpack that will last.  Well, Day Owl has done just that.  As a matter of fact, they sent me the Day Owl Charcoal Black Backpack and it’s gorgeous.  As I look at this I still can’t believe it was made from recycled plastic bottles.  This is certainly the “cream of the crop” of backpacks for me

My mom and grandmother have instilled in me the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. I am very grateful to them for that, because it helps me be more conscience of my habits and wastefulness. There are only a finite amount of resources in the world and landfills are filling up with so much waste as well. Plastic has been the most wasteful us humans have been consuming with us as a resource. We are blindly polluting and destroying our planet because of it.

SOL + SPIRIT is a company that is spreading awareness about the environment and  how to reduce plastic use everyday! They are like minded to me as they want to reduce our ecological footprint. Using sustainable goods is one way to do that. So they provide the highest quality, zero-waste eco-friendly products to sustain an environmentally healthy lifestyle.

What the heck is a beard hat?  I thought the same thing!  A beard hat is a hilarious hat and beard (obviously) that you wear to keep your head and face warm.  It doesn’t hurt that you may actually make someone smile in the process.  Who came up with these funny products?  Well, it’s kind of obvious that the company’s name is BeardHead.  I love a company that has a sense of humor!  I also love the great hats that they sent to me.  The first one is called Barbarian Vagabond and it’s definitely my favorite of the two.  The second one is Stubble Populous and it actually looks like stubble on a man’s face.  So funny!

Do you know a new or expecting Daddy that’s a little freaked out about his new role?  I believe every new parent has reservations about their new roles.  However, there’s a nice way to support him by getting a Dad Box by Bump Boxes.  What the heck is a Dad Box?   The Dad Box is a pregnancy subscription box full of products a new Dad might need.  This would be great for any new or expecting Father because it’s filled with items such as The Raddest Dad Koozie, a Dad Pad (for lots of notes), Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm, Related Garment Socks, a Practical Handbook for New Dads (Be Prepared), and the book Dada, by Jimmy Fallon.  This is the box that I received.  It’s so cute!