We love to travel a lot and with being a woman, we have the issue of wanting to be fresh and smell good. We are always making some stops along the way and trying to freshen up as we do so. Natural feminine wipes is just the right thing to do so with. Small enough to fit in your bag and easy enough to take out and use, when we stop at the rest stop. We have used these a few times already and love them. keeping us feeling nice and fresh is the best thing after a 7 hour drive. Use these traveling, and camping and even yoga. Best for that time of the month.

The Natural Feminine Wipes & Gentle Feminine Wash by healthy hoohoo® was the product i was very familiar with, they are a great company and are so dedicated to making woman feel great about their intimate places. All ages can use this and feel good, the company is interested in the well-being of woman. 

The gentle femine wash is as good as the wipes, having used this a bunch of times I feel very fresh and happy to know I smell good in all those places I need too With moisturizing botanicals and no harsh chemicals. Arrive at your destination fresh as daisy. Something as a woman we can understand. They embrace the fact that a women’s special are SHOULD have a natural “fragrance” down there and they’ve created products just for us that respectfully works hand-in-hand with our Mother’s Nature.

No harsh chemicals: no parabens, alcohol, sulfates or dyes
Ultra-mild with a touch of aloe for moisturizing
Fragrance-free, Gluten-free, Vegan
pH balanced so they won’t remove what Mother Nature put down there
Tested on gal pals not animals – “Leaping Bunny” certified
Gentle, yet effective ingredients gently cleanse, moisturize & soothe the delicate vulvovaginal area.

One of the best products out there, for those who are doing a lot of traveling, carry these with you to feel good and fresh. For me the fact that they understand a womans needs is the best.

If you’re trying to decide between the wash and the foamer know that they are both natural gentle cleansers and are intended for your daily shower routine. It is simply a matter of application preference.

Some like the foamer for it’s light foam and quick clean rinse while others prefer the smooth liquid of the wash. If you use a washcloth you may prefer the wash. And the wipes – well they’re just perfect for every woman wanting to tidy-up once in a while!


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