Feel Secure With Two-Way Radios

Two-Way Radios Can Give Parents A Sense Of Security

Imagine making your way through the zoo on a great family day.  Now, unfortunately, picture turning around and seeing that your child is gone.  Fear would shoot straight through your body!  I'm sorry to freak you out, but it happens every day.  Can you do anything to prevent this?  Well, other than putting a leash on your child, it's hard to keep track of them, especially when they're excited to see things.  However, I have something that could help!  Motorola sent me the T100 Two-Way Radios in neon blue.  They may look like small, toy walkie-talkies, but they're not just child's play.  It will keep you in contact with your child up to 16 miles with 22 channels.  How amazing is that?

Feel Secure With Two-Way Radios

Radios Are Easy To Use

These little, perfectly sized radios fit great into a small person's hands and they can connect with you (or whoever) with a simple click of a button.  They're specifically made for the whole family.  These can be used at the zoo (as I said earlier), the playground, hiking, or even on a walk.  The kids will love talking to mom, dad, grandparents, or anyone and you will know exactly who they're talking to.  Keep them safe by giving a gift of security this Christmas!

Feel Secure With Two-Way Radios

Specifications And More Details

As with any two-way radios, obstructions can create problems with connectivity.  In other words, it reaches up to 16 miles mountain to valley, up to 3 miles near open water, and up to 0.5 miles in a neighborhood.  This isn't to say that it will only work in certain areas, it just means it'll work better without obstruction.  Obstruction being buildings, homes, etc.  These radios do use alkaline batteries and will last up to 18 hours.  You cannot use rechargeable or plug them in (USB).  Let me be clear though, they may seem very basic, but these are absolutely amazing.  They work great and they're not complicated for little ones to understand.

Make your little ones happy when they open their very own Motorola Two-Way Radios on Christmas morning!

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