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Feeling Sexy With Out Spending A Fortune

When it comes to getting undergarments, I hate it, Come on ladies those underwire bras tend to, over time start to stab you for no good reason. and they are so uncomfortable unless you can find the right one. And underpants. finding some that don’t ride up, or make you feel like your so restricted.

Not with IKotton, you feel free and are able to move around without feeling trapped in the undergarments. At iKotton, we design undergarments that are kind to your skin and gentle on the planet.

We believe in accentuating women’s natural body contours through designs and cuts that need not be restrictive or uncomfortable  And they do just that. No more feeling uncomfortable when wearing things, as a woman we need to wear.

Tank Camisole


These are made of organic  cotton, and each of the are fitted with a inner front panel helps to define torso line without being restrictive, No wire or harsh elastic.  And they are so soft and comfortable, makes them perfect for wearing with tanks and blouses. No more feeling of being constricted or trapped.


Hipster Panties



This irresistible hipster has a low V cut front, providing half back coverage for the perfect hip line. And as soft as the camisole. Both are made to fit your body and not be so constricted . Made of the same cotton as the other . Both are machine washable , and can be dried on medium. No ironing and don’t use bleach or any harsh detergents .


  • Organically grown and certified cotton, highly breathable and super soft
  • Sustainable farming, reducing Global Warming Potential (GWP) by as much as 40% compared to non-organic cotton.
  • Preserving biodiversity, saving our pollinators and plant-based food sources


Each of our designs is cut to highlight the body contours without being restrictive, making sure the garments can stay in shape, and yet not creating too much tension that could distort the body line, or leave red marks on the skin.

For something that is soft and feels so great against your skin, These are perfect come in three colors and from sizes S-XL


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