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Felt Toys To Stimulate Kids

Sometimes Kids Need Stimulation Through Play – These Felt Toys Will Keep Them Busy While Learning Through Touch

My granddaughter is absolutely obsessed with touching certain fabrics and buttons.  Felt toys make her very happy because she learns through touch and enjoys the feel of it.  Stimulation is important for little ones because we all know what happens when kids get bored!  Nobody likes a grumpy child, so instead of giving them the same old toys, consider Smart Felt Toys this Christmas.  They recently sent me their awesome toy called My Little Farm and my 4-year-old granddaughter is obsessed!  We set it all up and I swear she played for what seemed like hours.

Felt Toys Need To Be Felt

So does anyone remember the old Color forms?  You would get a scene and some sticky little characters to set up your own little world.  Well, My Little Farm is almost exactly the same, but so much better!  You receive a big house/barn that velcro's together.  Plus you get a ton of little characters and items to create your new world.  It's so great to see a child's imagination run wild when you give them this set.  They can make whatever world they want.  Not only can they create, but this is great for kids that enjoy the sensory part of play.  This toy helps them with language and visual skills, not to mention building on their matching skills!

What's In The Kit?

In this particular kit/set you'll receive a reversible 3-dimensional play-set which is the barn itself.  It can be played with as a flat board or put together as the barn with the attached velcro.  It's made for ages 3 and up, which means any child Pre-K and up will absolutely love it.  My Little Farm is an award winning, multi-sensory interactive felt toy that every child will throughly enjoy.  On the barn there are pictures of the various characters and kids can match each felt pieces to these to create a scene.  Of course, if they decide they would like to make their very own there's places on the barn to do that too.  Also included with this set is 32 vibrantly colored felt pieces that stick to the barn.

The felt pieces are so cute and since my granddaughter loves horses, she was so excited about these!  There are horses, cows, kids (farmers), and so much more for them to play and learn with.

Give your little ones the gift of play this year!  Happy Holidays to you and yours from us.

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