We are in full swing of the holidays.  Festive music on the radio, shopping, decorating, sending Christmas cards, school and church concerts, it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here we even have snow on the ground! Embossed Logo stationery, is another great holiday gift to those who love to write.

The one thing that I avoid at all costs is going to the mall anytime between Thanksgiving and New Year's pretty much.  Having teenagers this is hard to do because of course they always want to go to the mall, but it is a necessary thing to maintain my sanity.  Plus, when I purchase things at the mall I get things that probably everyone else is getting too and I like to be a bit more unique in my gift giving.

I love to get personalized gifts and at no-minimum.co.uk, I can get as many or as little as I need because there is no minimum which is great because sometimes I only need one thing, and sometimes I want more.  Whether I want an ornament or a snow dome or even a magnet, I can put a picture and a personalized message on them and give them out.  I love giving ornaments because this way every year they have something to put on their tree as a reminder.


Another great thing I have gotten, which is great for grab bags and stocking stuffers, is a notebook that can also be personalized, and what to go better with a  notebook than a pen?  The pen writes so smooth and I love it, it is my go to pen, and you can engrave something on the pen too if you choose.  This ensures to me that nobody will “walk away” with my favorite pen and if they do, I can definitely tell which one is mine if I have to look for it or I find it laying around on someone else's desk!

Check out the personalized gift ideas here and the beautiful notebook and pens here. Don't fight the crowds!

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