Most people know what they need to consider when choosing an attorney. The hard part, however, is finding the attorney for their legal needs. If you have never hired a lawyer before, it is good to learn a few things about finding the right person for the job. This post will be focusing on some of the best options you can use to find the right attorney.



Since time immemorial, referrals have always been some of the best sources of information when searching for professional help. This is because most of the responses you get are based on personal experiences rather than presumptions. When searching for a good lawyer for your DWI case, it is good to start by asking for help from people you know. Seek help from trusted friends, relatives or business associates.


All in all, you have to be aware that legal cases are unique in their own way. An attorney that was great for a divorce case may not be great with your DWI case. You want to find someone who specializes in your type of case.



When you start searching for an attorney, you will come across so many ads that have been put up by lawyers. Some are on billboards, others on the bus and so on. It is good to know that advertisements can be a good place to look for an attorney. However, you cannot always trust the information you find on advertisements.


When considering advertisements on newspapers, radio, television, telephone directories or Internet ads, you have to consider your case. Most ads will help you determine the lawyer’s area of expertise. You will also get to know how much the lawyer charges for simple cases. However, before falling for the low fees, know what that fee will cover. For more hints on how to find a good lawyer, you can take some time to learn more about Jim Bulter.


Local referral services

There are so many referral services that have been designed with the aim of helping people in the community find attorneys. You will be able to find this on the Yellow Pages. The best thing about these services is that they recommend an attorney in the area that evaluates certain situations. The service is designed to help certain groups that have unique characteristics like immigrants, elderly, and persons with disability or victims of domestic violence.


You will also be able to find referrals from the Bar associations. This will help you find a lawyer with the experience and practice you want. The white pages on your phone book is where you will find the local bar association.


Although these sources make it easy for you to find the right attorney for your legal needs, they are not the surefire way of finding the most competent attorney. Most of the sources give recommendations without paying attention to the specialty and level of experience that the attorney has. It is up to you to qualify the attorney you find. Always match your attorney of choice with your unique legal needs.


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Jim Bulter is an experienced attorney in Houston handling DWI cases. He is committed to helping his clients avoid jail time. You can learn more About Jim Bulter visit his blog here. You can also follow him on his twitter handle @

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