Every time a holiday or birthday rolls around, my “go to” shopping place is always Bath & Body Works. Everyone I know loves the way their products smell, so it’s an easy choice. However, finding a promo code isn’t always the easiest. In my days of trying to find a good deal, I’ve gotten pretty good at finding those promo codes everyone seeks after, especially for Bath & Body Works.
Look for site codes
My first stop to saving at Bath and Body Works is to always look at their website. B&BW is always having some sort of sale, even though it may not always be what I’m looking for. However, if I’m shopping online, I’m going to look for a free shipping code. I easily found this by heading to their website and clicking on top offers on the top right-hand side.

After you’ve seen this deal, you may be wondering “what other kind of deals are out there?” How can I save even more money, even though that’s the only code they’re showing on the Bath and Body Works Website? Well, don’t you worry about a thing because there are more codes out there, you just need to know where to find them.
There are people out there who do the hard work for you. Yes! There are generous and smart enough to do the hard work of finding coupon deals for you. Most people looking for a coupon code for Bath and Body Works, simply “Google” it, right? Well, here I am googling various coupon codes, to see which one may fit.

Lucky for me, there are tons of codes. However, unlucky for me, I have to figure out which ones may work, based off the search results. My first stop is Retail Me Not as that place always seems to have the best coupons.

Now I’m going to head to the B&BW website to see if it works. 20% off is a great amount and if it works, even better! I typed in the coupon code and it worked. However, I couldn’t get the best deal because while I saved almost $3 on my purchase, I can’t also use the free shipping coupon. In my opinion, it’s still not the best deal out there, so I’m going to keep looking!

CouponCabin.com is advertising a 35% off coupon! That’s a great deal and I’m hoping it works. If that coupon code works, then I can save enough money that it’s worth having the product shipped to my home. Okay, so now that I am looking at the Coupon Code from Coupon Cabin, they say I can save 35%, but that is using the 20% off coupon code plus getting 15% back from their site. That seems a little too complicated for me. I don’t want to jump through hoops to save money.

There is one more place that I know I can go and I don’t even need to look on Google. Dealspotr is my go to place when it comes to trying to find the best deal. Dealspotr has a nice clean interface for me to find the actual deals I’m looking for.

As you can see, one of the things I love about Dealspotr is that they have multiple codes. Let’s say I used up the 20% code, but still wanted to save more money. Dealspotr has endless 20% off codes for us to use! Plus, they have codes for things like free shipping. As I scrolled, I saw some even better deals on products that I’d use.
Look at this 5 for $15 Fragrance Melts coupon code for Bath and Body Works! Which in my opinion is a way better deal and I can get everything plus shipping in under $20!


You can also see the original price on these Fragrance Bars, which makes them almost $4.50 a piece normally. Dealspotr told me about this awesome deal and because it’s a deal already being offered on the Bath and Body Works site that I didn’t see before, I can also take advantage of free shipping or even an additional 20% off code.
Listen guys, saving money is so important. Dealspotr has the best promo codes and deal spotters, as you can see. It is so nice going to one website and seeing all the deals in one place, but having them all verified. Don’t be shy about bookmarking the Dealspotr website. You can find coupons, promo codes, and so much more. Here are a few more unique features that Dealspotr has!
⦁ Our community members can upload single-use coupons, often giving a site-wide discount (they are only good for one use, but we typically have several codes at any given time.
⦁ They can also add referral codes, giving friends and family-type discounts.
⦁ We show third party codes, these are discount codes at other retailers that can be used to score discounts on the brand the shopper is looking for

We love the savings , and are always happy to meet new and excited people like we are . Have you  ever shopped with Dealspotr before? What did you think?

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This is a great way to save. I did not even know about some of these sites. Thank you so much for sharing how to do this. God Bless

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