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Where to Find Great Deals


I love a good deal.  I am not rich by any means and when I buy something, I am always on the lookout for where I can get the best deal,  coupon, promo code, etc.  It does take a bit of work, though, because I have to research to find them, which takes me longer than just buying the thing outright and sometimes is very frustrating having to take so much time out just to save a little money.

With Dealspotr I get all the information I need in one place.  I can search for stores or even just browse through deals if I feel like window shopping so to speak.  What I love about Dealspotr is they have recently launched, a new personal feed home  page .  And what theat does is connect you to your social page , that for me is the simple way to connect to all people and check who has followed you.  (

What is Dealspotr , its a great place for someone who loves to get great deals. Since they have launched they have saved , shoppers 15 million dollars already. Another great thing is there are always tons , of amazing deals and are all up to the latest date.

Another awesome thing is you can connect, to so many new people who also love a great deal. One thing I know for sure is I am a dicted to great deals , and am always looking and sharing them on  my media as well as my blog. If your looking for some deals and want to learn how to get in on this , look no further and head to Dealspotr, you will be happy you did .

Everything is broken down and there are such categories as latest deals, most popular, and even new stores so you can find what you are looking for quickly.  I always shop the latest deals just to see what is new, because I never know what will catch my eye unless I am browsing! Of course, if I am looking for a specific store I can go there too instead of combing through all the deals so it is good that when I want to browse I can but when I want to get down to business I can do that too.




The one aspect of Dealspotr though that I really love does not only do they have all the deals without having to sort through all the older or expired ones, but you get points for sharing deals too so not only can I find the best deals, if I know of one and share it I can get points so I can cash them out for e-gift cards.  What is better than that?  You can help other people get deals and get rewarded for it!



Speaking of expired deals, if you are interested in a deal but not ready to exactly use it yet or want to mull it over, you can follow the deal and you will be notified the day before it expires so there is no way you can forget about it and miss the deal.    You can even follow certain stores this way you will always know exactly what deals they have going on.

You will never need to go through an exhaustive search again like I used to all the time to find the best deals because they will all be right at your fingertips in one place – no more researching which ones are still good and which ones will be the best for you because they are all in one place! You can also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

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