When you walk into my sister's house the first thing you see, is pictures of the family and her paintings. She is the one who loves to have pictures of our loved ones on the wall. We have the last picture of my parents together, at daddy's retirement party before he passed away, and we have needed to get a frame.

Looking for one that will be perfect was, what I wanted to do it needs to have a nice frame since we have neither of them with us now. This is that frame we will use and add their picture in. Have you heard of Frames By Mail that is where we go this beautiful frame from?

They have all types of frames, ones with your name and sports for your kid's favorite sports pictures and so much more. They have affordable custom frames, that will enhance your home and office. They also have some beautiful wall decor to as well. Do you know someone who has a favorite basketball or football team or maybe he or she is an avid golfer, these frames are perfect for them?

What I love is they are current with, whats the style is of now. They are always expanding and adding new and exciting pieces, so many different and unique frames to choose from, there will be something for everyone. Why display their picture in a boring frame when instead their image can be a real eye-catching conversation piece with our specialty matting which has the physical texture and color of a basketball, football or golf ball. Ideal for birthdays or holidays.

With over 100 years of framing experience our staff is here to answer questions from style to technical framing questions. While we strive to capture the detail of every frame and color match our mat board sometimes there is the need to see the “real thing” for that reason 4” samples are offered free of charge.

Perhaps it is because our parents were eager to teach and help within the art community our dedication to schools remains.  Instead of sending our short sticks of moulding, small pieces of plexi or mats to the landfill we have private & public local schools pick these items up to use in their classrooms.  In addition to our commitment to providing supplies we are equally committed to leave the smallest imprint on our planet as possible.  For this reason we have been recycling our metal moulding scraps and using minimal amount of packaging long before it was recognized as the right thing to do.  We recycle our  office paper & cardboard boxes.  Please join us in our effort by recycling your packing materials.







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