Finding your perfect home in California

California real estate is always high on the list of aspiring first-time buyers and experienced homeowners alike. And when you’re basking in the glow of The Golden State and all of the potentials it offers up, it’s certainly not difficult to see why. 

From the apartment buildings of Santa Cruz to the houses for sale in Bakersfield, California offers a wide range of homes up and down the coast. So, how do you narrow down your search to make sure you’re looking in the right places?

Find the right part of California for you

It’s important to take time and look into each area of California, and how they’ll complement your lifestyle, hobbies, and general daily living situations. 

Try and break your essential criteria down into four categories – social life, budgetary requirements, commutability, and your general gut instincts for the area itself. This combination of finance, functionality, and feel is the key to unlocking the perfect part of California to begin your search. 

Pinpoint areas and get in the housing hunt

When you’ve located a few of your most preferred places, it’s time to pursue those viewings and get on the housing hunt. You’ll need to be fast on your feet for this part, particularly when it comes to booking a viewing and getting a good look at a place.

After all, California is a popular part of the world, and with so many benefits of living there to consider, there’s always someone else waiting to pounce on a real estate opportunity you’ve missed out on. 

Ask the difficult questions 

There’s very little time to make the most of a home viewing appointment. The average open house will last 30 minutes, and preparing some questions in advance is half the battle.

Check your previous criteria from our suggestions above and apply them here. Ask about the area, the outgoings, future developments being planned nearby, the schools, and interior concerns like the piping and wiring. 

Make time to visit the area outside of viewings 

There’s nothing worse than being presented with one dream home scenario and signing up only to find a completely different one as your reality. So, how do you avoid making these mistakes

Walk the area. Explore within a few miles of your potential perfect new home. Listen carefully to people who pass you by. Keep an eye out for exciting venues and community activities. Drive through the neighborhood at night and see how it feels after dark. 

Consider what you want in the future 

Now that you’ve nailed down some of the essential things on a dream home checklist, it’s time to sit back and think about what happens beyond the next few months. 

Will your family be happy here? Can you see yourself raising children there? If this is a home that’s solely for yourself, are you going to achieve your goals in this specific area? It’s these questions that truly make coming home after a long day worthwhile and the final deciding factor in where to begin your California adventure.

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