My mom always taught us from a early age how to do things for our selves, she taoght to wash clothes, sew and how to nit, we would sit there for hours with her doing so. I think I made a doll blanket once. But she made so many things, she even cross hooked and I could never get that.

When we got older she taught us how to cross stitch and that is something I got the hang of pretty quick, spending hours doing that. Mommy always looked so good where mine I don't know, couldn't do the outlines for anything. When Kelly got pregnant with Devon mommy and I made him blankets, bibs and pretty things for him, he was a spoiled child and when she was pregnant with Amanda we did the same thing they both had blankets and bibs and all kinds of things cross stitched.

That is  a relaxing hobby, not worrying about wha others have to say and sitting there forgetting about things. I love to cross stitch and I am looking on trying to get back into it. Another hobby I had was  I use to write poems and short story's but now the desire to do so is gone. I need to find myself again and do things I love to do besides writing and reviewing things.

You get so weighed down in real life you forget all the things you once loved to do and forget about the things you once loved. A great  hobby can keep your mind busy and lets your day pass quickly. Look into the different hobbies there are.

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