Finger Foods That Are Perfect for Game Day


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Game day is extremely important for many Americans, as they gather around with friends and family to watch their favorite team play. Tailgating and other game day events are common in the United States, especially during football season. During these events, many different types of food are consumed, but finger foods are often considered the superior option.


Finger foods allow you to easily eat while you enjoy the game and other events. So what are the best finger foods to serve? Here are four finger foods that are perfect to serve on game day. Try catering Gold Coast platters, they are some great foods and are perfect for tailgating. 



An absolute game day classic is chicken wings. The combination of chicken wings and pizza just screams game day, and you’ll likely find wings at just about any game day event. Not only are wings delicious, but they are also easy to consume and quite filling for a finger food.


Wings can also be prepared in a variety of different ways, as different sauces can provide many different flavors. You’ll also have to decide what type of wings to serve, as bone-in wings provide a classic feel while boneless wings will be a little less messy. Regardless of what sauce and type you choose, you absolutely should have wings at any game day event.



Sliders are a term used to describe small hamburgers, a food that can be the perfect game day snack. Sliders were first popularized by the chain restaurant White Castle, before eventually becoming mainstream in American cuisine. These small sandwiches are great for game day, being small enough to be consumed as a finger food.


Just like with burgers, sliders can be topped with various toppings such as cheese, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. Sliders are becoming more and more popular as game day food, so you definitely should consider adding them to your game day menu.



Kebabs are a cooked meat dish, often served on some sort of stick for game days. Kebabs are unique in that they can contain different types of meat, allowing for various flavors to be used. Recent trends have even made vegetable kebabs popular, allowing you to serve meatless alternatives to your vegan and vegetarian guests.


Kebabs are often marinated or glazed, so you may want to make your own marinade or use something like bacon jam to top your meat off. Although preparing kebabs for game day may seem like a lot of work, it’ll definitely be worth the effort. 


Snack Mix/Trail Mix

One of the easiest finger foods you can prepare for game day is a snack mix. On top of being extremely quick and easy to make, snack mix might be one of the healthiest game day foods as well. To make a snack mix, all you need to do is mix a variety of snack foods together. Common snack mix ingredients include pretzels, chocolate, Bugles, and Cheez-Its.


For those looking to make a healthier snack mix, you can add items like raisins, nuts, cranberries, and dried berries. Snack mixes can be extremely versatile, allowing you to make your mix exactly how your guests like it. With such versatility and simplicity, it’s no wonder why snack mixes are such a popular game day food.

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