Christmas is fast approaching. If you need a gift idea, books are a wonderful gift to give, especially when the book provides a truly meaningful story for all ages. One such story that would make a wonderful Christmas gift is A Very Lappy Christmas: A Story of Love, Adventure, and Teamwork by Caroline Henrich.


This is an adorable story about a family of Finnish Lapphunds (more affectionately called Lappies). The family of dogs find out that some of Santa's reindeer are missing—all of them (except Donner and Rudolph) have disappeared into the Northern Lights.  Santa sends Donner to ask the family of Finnish Lapphunds to help find the missing reindeer. Santa also wants them to learn how to pull Santa's sleigh in case they would need to stand in for the missing reindeer to help Santa deliver his Christmas gifts.

The Book Is More Than Just A Story

I won't give it away and spoil how the story continues or ends. However, I will say this book is full of surprises and learning opportunities. To start off, the author introduces the reader to the breed of Finnish Lapphunds and provides some interesting, educational details to teach the reader about this special breed. The author even provides pictures of the real-life Lappies that the book's characters are based on—and I must say they are all absolutely adorable.

The story also provides many valuable life lessons. It teaches about the importance of family and demonstrates how one should help others and treat others nicely. The characters also teach the reader about loving and believing in oneself, learning to persevere, and learning to be patient. The reader will also learn about therapy and rescue dogs. And, as the characters travel, the reader will be introduced to various countries around the world. Whew! That's a lot to learn from one story! But, the author incorporates all of the above in a book that is fun to read. So, you're reading and enjoying a sweet story that happens to be teaching you so many valuable lessons at the same time. And, that is what makes this an excellent Christmas gift for so many young readers (and older readers, too).

I highly recommend checking out the book's website! There are lots of fun photos of the real-life dogs the book is based on.  And, at the time I'm writing this post, the book is on sale and available for pre-order (it ships late October, 2020). You can purchase the book for just $9.74 (price subject to change). Purchase your copy of the book to see if the Lappies are able to help save Christmas. It's a book many readers will enjoy and are sure to learn many valuable lessons from along the way!

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Meet a wonderful, special family of Lappies that are sure to warm your heart in A Very Lappy Christmas.

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