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Firefly Good Clean Fun



How cool are these toothbrushes? May The Force Be With You! My grandsons love Star Wars and now they can use their lightsaber while brushing their teeth. Plus it has the 1 minute light up timer that turns off automatically. This lets children know to stop brushing the top row and begin brushing the bottom row of their teeth.

Super cool sound effects and flashing lights. They all come with a replaceable cover to help extend the life of your toothbrush. While the batteries that are included will last the lifetime of your toothbrush. Which means you will never have to replace them.

Firefly Themes

Angry Birds
Batman & Superman
Care Bears
Hello Kitty
Secret Life of Pets
Star Wars
Strawberry Shortcake

So many choices, you are bound to find something for all the kids in your family! From the boys to the girls and even some overgrown kids! My favorite is Hello Kitty. While my granddaughter like the Care Bears and my grandsons like Star Wars and Avengers. My husband, yes he is a grown man, likes the Peanuts theme.

Star Wars Lightsaber Light Up Timer Toothbrush


*Fun, flashing Lightsaber toothbrush with sound effects.
*Star Wars theme flashing sculpted handle toothbrush with soft bristles
*1 minute light-up timer turns off automatically. Letting children know when to start brushing the other row of their teeth
*Replaceable cover
*Batteries included last the life of the toothbrush and cannot be replaced


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Just in time for the holidays. You can finish up your Christmas list and fill their stockings with these toothbrushes. My family is going to be excited about brushing their teeth now. And so will yours!

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