First Aid for Falls: Steps To Take When Someone Falls on Ice

First Aid for Falls: Steps To Take When Someone Falls on Ice

Winter slips and falls can be dangerous and traumatic, especially for the elderly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), winter-related injuries are a leading cause of loss of income through missing work. That’s why it’s important that people know what to do if someone slips and falls on ice!

Here are steps to take when someone falls on ice, as well as first aid for falls.

Ensure the Person Is Safe

Ensure that the person is not in immediate danger of being struck by a car or in a similarly dangerous situation. Don’t put yourself in danger either. Obviously, watch out for ice! Once you’re sure they’re safe, check to see if they’re okay and if they need medical attention.

Assess Any Injuries

If the person landed on their back, ensure they can breathe properly. If they cannot breathe properly, roll them on their side. If the person fell forward, check to see if their head is bleeding or experiencing any head pain. If they are, gently apply pressure to the wound and call emergency services if they don’t stop bleeding after 10 minutes.

Check for Signs of Shock

If the person fell on ice and is starting to shiver, shake uncontrollably, or feel cold and clammy, they may be going into shock. If they are, call emergency services immediately and lay them down with their head lowered and legs elevated. Keep them warm by wrapping them in blankets, coats, or any other warm material.

Make Them Comfortable

The next best thing to do for an injured person who fell on ice is to make them comfortable. Ensure that they’re breathing properly, and if necessary, carefully apply pressure to the injured area or ice in case of a sprain.

With Serious Injuries, Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Unfortunately, some falls on ice may lead to severe injuries, such as a head or neck injury. It is therefore important to seek medical attention right away if the person who fell on ice:

  • Can’t move their legs or arms properly.
  • Has a head injury, neck pain, or back pain.
  • Experiences difficulty breathing or is gasping for air.
  • Is experiencing chest pain, heart attack symptoms, or bleeding from the mouth.
  • Seems dazed or confused or are acting unusual for them.

If the person is unable to move their arms or legs, call emergency services right away.

Document the Accident and Seek Legal Counsel

Falls and slips on ice could lead to serious injuries that may result in lost wages and medical expenses. This is why it is crucial to document the accident and seek legal counsel if someone else was responsible for it. Take photos and videos of the person’s injuries and the accident scene. Doing so can help you build a case that will help you win in court.


Those are the steps to take when someone falls on ice, as well as first aid for falls. Winter slipping and falling injuries are common, but they don’t have to result in tragedy. With the right knowledge of how to provide first aid for falls on ice, people can reduce their risk of further injury and even save a life!

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