There are 7 dogs here and they all have a issue with barking , one will start and get them all going. We have used other bark controls,and they dont work as good as the First Alert one. This product because it doesn't give off a sound a human can hear! This is actual sonic sound!

This emits a high-pitched sound, stopping the noise within seconds. Effective up to 50 feet away, the weatherproof device can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be mounted to a wall, fence, post or tree. The Bark Genie Automatic Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent can be used with all breeds, and the level of sound sensitivity is adjustable to three levels based on the distance between the dog and the deterrent.

The bigger dogs stop right away, the smaller ones after a couple of barks. This has calmed the barking down alot and we are pleased with it. Now when we start having barbeques and have people over, we can just put this on and the dogs will be quiet. This won't stop your dog from barking once, but it will redirect them instantly. And we need that at times especially when we are trying to talk to someone. 


It detects a pretty low vocal register, so it may not work if you have a small dog with a high voice. This is to send out a high frequency noise that only the dogs can hear. And im I am sure that  our dogs hear it, they stop and look at us, 


The instructions imply this only occurs when it detects a ‘bark' but I believe it happens whenever a loud noise is detected. All the more reason to keep this off when you're home. It also assumes there are no other loud noises in the home. There is also a test setting where you can bark at the unit and it beeps back.

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