I can remember my brother and I going fishing with my grandparents friend Red every other weekend, and to this day i love to fish and im not of those girls who needs a man to bait her hook.

Many people love to go fishing, instead of playing tennis or golf. Others make it their primary sport activity together with their families and friends to relieve boredom and stress. Surveys say that more than 50 million Americans love to go fishing and make it their lifestyle option instead of other sports.

My dad and uncles use to go deep sea fishing on a boat and then I remember a story of them getting stuck on a sand barge , the fun they use to have. Us too when we use to go to the lake on weekends and fish with our aunts and uncles for hours.

“Family Life First,” an organization dedicated to introducing how to spend useful family time to parents for their children, have factual data that in the past 20 years, 25 percent of a child’s playing time has decreased. Outdoor activities, where most children spend their playing time, have also declined by 50 percent. Since 1969 to 1996, 22 percent of family time activities have lessened proven by the study of the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

Any fruitful time to interact with your children is time worth investing. Fishing is a way to connect. The quality time you get is really worth the effort. The experience you get by catching fish is what makes it wonderful to enjoy and that is the important part of fishing. There are 23 public fishing lakes having plenty of fish waiting to be caught. All children can experience the excitement and adventure of fishing. You will always remember the very first time you caught a fish, and the parent who showed you how to catch it. You gain enjoyable and learning experiences from fishing that makes it a great family activity.

Daddy would love to go fishing every chance he got as well as crabbing, he taught us all how to fish and crab. And we loved every minute we got to spend with him. A great way to spend time with your kids and family.

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