So many people try to get fit, but make the mistake of thinking it’s something they can do for a little while and then think they can go back to their old habits. This is why so many people seem to be starting all over again every few months. The thing you need to understand with fitness is that it’s a lifestyle. If you can’t see yourself doing something forever, chances are, you’re not going to stick to it. Your new fitness regimen needs to be sustainable! Here are some ideas that will help you to make fitness a lifestyle:


Start Off Slowly

So many people because they start off trying to go to the gym 6 times a week when they don’t currently go at all. This can only end in disaster! You’ll likely feel overwhelmed and like you can’t keep up with your new regimen. Instead of doing this, start off slowly. Start doing a class that you like a couple of times a week. Build yourself up slowly to 3 times a week, then 4 times a week. As long as your habits at home are healthy 3-4 sessions a week is a great amount to aim for! However, you can do up to 5-6 if you listen to your body and feel like it. Remember though, rest days are crucial too!


Do Lots Of Research

Instead of just going to the gym and going through the motions, do lots of research. Do your research on form for different exercises, and learn as much as you can about the body and why we should do the things we do. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about fitness the better! You’ll be more likely to stick to your busy lifestyle if you know why you should be sticking to this routine.



Try Lots Of New Things

Don’t just stick with one thing. Try lots of new things to keep your body guessing as well as to stay interested in your fitness regime. You could visit a local dance academy if you fancy it, or even start something like tennis with a friend. Have fun with your routine and you’ll be far more likely to stick to it.


Aim To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Everyday Life

Try to incorporate fitness into your everyday life. This is so easy to do, and you’ll barely realize you’ve made changes. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Go for a short walk every day, even if it’s just to the shop. Park a little further away. All of these things add up and help you to stay healthy!


Set Goals For Yourself

Setting goals is a great way to make sure you stick to your new routine. Maybe you could aim to do a plank for 1 minute, or do a full set of pushups on your toes. You shouldn’t just have goals like ‘lose ten pounds’ as you will be unlikely to stick to it.


Don’t forget to treat yourself with a long hot bath, a new gym top, or something else to celebrate your commitment every once in a while!



Find Balance

You need to make sure you find balance in your new lifestyle. You need to see your friends, eat out, and have fun too. Don’t ever beat yourself up if you miss a gym session or eat some chocolate. That’s why it’s a lifestyle, and not a quick fix!

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