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fitsnacks one

Yummy Healthy Snacks

We are aiming to move our family into a healthy conscious environment. So we try to be more aware of the types of brands and quality of foods we buy. With each granola bar or cereal we look for taste, quality, ingredients, and also affects on the environment. I have a four person family and we consume a lot with just our amount of people. Apparently we snack every two hours! I’ve looked around and I’ve come across snacks sponsored by Fitsnack. I couldn’t be more please with the variety of snacks and flavors that I’ve tried so far!

Fitsnack is a monthly subscription service that sends boxes of healthy snacks to your house. Each month they feature different brands of snacks. So what you get in your monthly box is a little different and has plenty of variety! Typical snacks inside a box would include chips, jerky, drinks, snack bars, spread, amongst a fun smorgasbord of others!

The beauty of Fitsnack is that they are hand selected and if you have a special diet or type of allergy, they always have at least two of the following:  GMO Free, High in Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan and All Natural in every box. There is really no special theme to each monthly box, just a well put box of the absolute best healthy snacks out there. In this months box, I was able to enjoy gluten free Cinnamon bites, chickpea crackers, crunchy beans, cookie bars, crunchy cheese, powdered yeast flavoring, honey, and a wellness shot. I enjoyed them all very much. So did my children!

The plans that are available are: monthly, three months, six months, and yearly plans. Since there are no trial plans, you are allowed to sign up for a monthly plan and cancel the subscription after. Shipping is always free. What I love about Fitsnack is that for each box purchased, they also donate healthy snacks to kids in need!

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