Sharing hunting stories is a tradition that dates back to the days of cave paintings and stories around the campfire, but we have come a long way since then. In the last couple of decades, with the emergence of internet technology, it has gotten even easier to connect with other outdoorsmen. There are now more ways than ever to share your hunting adventures.


Every hunter has their own take on the outdoors, and everyone has different experiences that others can learn from. From musket to bow, crossbow to rifle, there are tips, tricks, and techniques to finding and bagging the best game, while respecting and protecting the environment we love. Here are five ways you can share your hunting adventures with others and add to the knowledge pool.

Write Articles for Magazines


Despite the growing trend toward publishing online, the print magazine world is not dead, and there are number of hunting magazines where you can share your stories, and get paid for them at the same time. From Bowhunter to Muzzleloader and Deer Hunter Magazine on the small end, to Field and Stream and Outdoor Magazine on the large end, there is a market for what you have to share.


This is a skill you will need to perfect. Pitching your stories is like selling almost anything else, and if you can compliment your stories with your own pictures or free stock nature photography, you can sell even more stories and make even more money. The key is that once you get your foot in the door, editors will want to use your work again and again, and as long as you keep sending them quality stories, they will keep publishing them.


It’s about building relationships, and often this can turn into a profitable sideline, if not a whole new career.


Write Articles for the Web


While it still doesn’t pay as much as print magazines, writing for the web can do a couple of simple things for you. First, it can help you build your name as a writer. When you query bigger, higher paying channels, it is always good to have some writing credits to your name, and having a solid portfolio of online content can help get your foot in the door to better assignments.


The other thing that writing online allows you to do is improve your craft. The more you write, the better you become at it, especially in a journalistic style that works for the web as well as for print magazines. The skills you hone as a writer, and the editorial feedback you get from the web, can be a great way to become a better storyteller.


This will make sharing your hunting adventures even more compelling, and potentially more profitable for you.


Start a YouTube Channel


More of a video and photo person? Starting your own YouTube channel can be a lot of fun but can also turn out to be profitable as well. With advances in videography and video editing technology, it’s never been easy to make a video journey of your hunting trips. If you have a Google account, you can sign into YouTube and start sharing.


Just remember: the better the video you shoot, the more of an audience you will gain. That means learning video editing and getting better equipment. Fortunately, many cell phones can shoot passable video, and it can be edited rather easily. However, adding great audio and refining your techniques will make your channel more appealing to more people.


Once you have built a following, adding ads and increasing that following is not too challenging, especially if you hunt regularly and post videos frequently. You can also share videos about target practice and marksmanship tips, equipment reviews, and a variety of other topics to add value to your channel.


Make Your Own Blog and Website


More of a writer than a visual person, while still maintaining control over your own material and articles? Starting your own blog might be the answer for you. Of course, this will mean some investment of time and effort. You will have to choose and purchase a domain name, preferably one related to hunting. Then you will need a web host and a website design, either one you create yourself building from a template, or by having someone design it for you.


However, the advantage is that once you have enough material on your site and have built a following, you can use your own website and blog to make money. How? Well, first you can add native ads by Google, Amazon, Outbrain, and others. The clicks on those ads will make you money.


From there, you can add sponsored posts, affiliate links, and even look for site sponsors in the hunting industry. These are brands and products that want to be featured on your site on a regular basis. Just be sure you let your readers know what posts are sponsored ones, and when you have affiliate links present.


Done right, your own blog can be a great place for not only you to share your hunting stories, but those of other people as well.


Use Social Media Video


Just want to increase your social media following or share your stories with friends? Or do you want to drive some new traffic to your blog and website? One way to do so is to use social media video. From Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, many social media channels now offer the option to film a “live” video. You can also upload and share video that has been edited, and these videos are also very popular.


This can be another way to build your name, draw others to your YouTube channel, send clicks to your website, and more. Even if you are just building a following on social media, the benefits can be huge and well worth the effort.


Of course, these are just five of the ways to share your hunting stories. There are many others, but these will get you started, and some of them can net you some cash too, cash you can use to fund more adventures. Don’t keep your great stories under wraps. Use these tools to share them with the world.


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